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Top 10 Electric Bike Accessories You Must Have

JUNE 25, 2024


Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular in many areas of the world. The main reason for this is its ability to function without consuming fuel. Fuel costs can be really alarming for some people. Therefore, they have to find other alternative means to transport themselves from one place to another.

E-bikes are one of the new reliable ways to transport yourself without breaking the bank on fuel costs. Not only do they help you save gas money, they also leave no carbon footprint and are very friendly to the environment. All the more reason to get an electric bike.

There are various e-bike accessories that you can add to your electric bike. These accessories make it easier to ride and more comfortable. What are the electric bike accessories that you must have?

There are different types of accessories you can get for your electric bike. There are safety accessories and those that only enhance comfort. Whichever one you are looking for, NAKTO has got it. Below are the 10 best e-bike accessories you might need to enhance your e-bike experience.


Locks are one of the most important safety accessories when it comes to electric bikes. This is because they keep your e-bike safe whenever you are not around. An electric bike is an investment that you must protect to avoid any theft leading to money loss.

A sturdy lock can help to keep your bike safe from intruders or theft. There are multiple lock types you can choose from to keep your bike safe. D-locks and U-locks are especially large and can wrap around the bike so you can attach it to a bike rack or firm object.

You can also use chain locks, which consist of metal links that require a separate padlock. If you want a lock that will add little weight to the bike, you can go for a more lightweight cable lock. Cable locks are similar to D or U-locks as they also wrap around the e-bike. Check out this video for more ways to keep your e-bike safe.

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2.Rear-view Mirrors

Rear view mirrors are an underrated part of many people’s bikes. Many people will rather just turn around on the bike than use their mirrors. This is not very safe, as the mirrors are designed for a reason. Rear view mirrors help to enhance the rider’s visibility.

They make it easier for the cyclist to see what’s happening beside and behind you. That way, you won’t have to turn your neck in a weird angle any time you want to look, which is much safer and comfortable. Installing tiny mirrors on your e-bike’s handlebars can help you quickly scope out your surroundings.

Make sure you properly adjust your rear-view mirrors once you’re sitting on the bike to make sure they are positioned to give you the best view of your back and surroundings. If you don’t position the mirrors well, you will waste your time as you might not be able to see well. 

3.GPS Trackers

GPS trackers are helpful tools in everyday life, especially for people that spend a lot of time on the road. This is why they are incredibly popular when it comes to valuable objects. GPS trackers help you to keep an eye on your electric bike’s location at all times.

Electric bike theft is not something new as there are several cases every year. To properly secure your bike’s safety, it is advisable for you to get a GPS tracker. These trackers are clever bits of technology that are connected to an application on your phone.

Once there is a change in the status of your e-bike, the GPS tracker will immediately notify you of the nature of the incident. GPS trackers are often tiny and you can hide them in several locations on your bike like in the handlebars or motor casing.

GPS trackers do not prevent theft. However, they give you a very good chance of retrieving your stolen bike once you report to the police. They ping the location of the stolen bike and make it easier to locate. Some GPS trackers are insured to provide peace of mind.

4.Pet Bike Trailer

Taking your pets on rides is something many pet owners do. However, how can you maintain your pet’s comfort and safety during a bike ride? The answer is simple. You need a pet bike trailer. Pet bike trailers are mini trailers you can place your pets when on a bike ride.

They are a separate compartment that you can attach to the back of your electric bike whenever you want to take your pets out on a ride. With a pet bike trailer, trips to the vet and park become much easier as your pet has its own space to enjoy the ride.

The best pet bike trailers are durable with lightweight frames. That means they don’t weigh too much, but will last a long time. A pet trailer should always be easy to tow so you can move around easily. The size of trailer you will need depends on the size of your pet.

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5.Comfort Rear Seat

Comfort is an essential element when it comes to riding a bike. Nobody wants to sit in a rear seat that isn’t comfortable. In this situation, comfort saddles or rear seats make a big difference. Enjoy back seat rides with your loved ones without feeling bumpy.

There are different sizes of comfort rear seats, and the best type for you depends on certain factors. Physical size matters when it comes to rear seats and a wider and well-padded rear seat can make for a comfortable back ride.

6.Phone Mounts

Make no mistake, you are not supposed to use your cell phone for texting while riding a bike as an activity. This can be very dangerous and lead to accidents. However, there are some things you can use your phone for while riding a bike, such as audio GPS.

Getting directions when riding a bike is something that can happen. Instead of stopping every time to ask someone for the way, you can simply mount your phone on the bike’s phone stand so you can receive audio directions from your phone’s GPS.

Phone mounts are particularly helpful for delivery drivers that pick up and deliver goods from apps. With a phone mount, the rider won’t have to keep getting his/her phone out of their pocket to deliver goods. A phone mount improves accessibility on a bike.

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7.Portable Air Pumps

Electric bikes move on tyres and thus may require pumping from time to time. Hence, it is always a great idea to carry a portable air pump with you whenever you’re moving with your e-bike. That way you can easily pump the tyre if there is no repair shop close by.

Even if your tyres are puncture-resistant, the possibility of having a flat tyre is still there. Imagine finding yourself in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre. It can be really annoying. Hence, keeping a portable air pump on your bike can be very helpful for on-the-go repairs.

If you’re choosing a pump, go for one that is lightweight and compact. That way, it can easily fit in your backpack or bike-frame without weighing too much. It is also a good idea to carry a mini repair kit with you always in case you need to patch your tyre or adjust some components.

The right air pump will also make sure that your tyres maintain a constant pressure all the time. If you notice your tyre pressure is getting low, you can easily give it a pump to get it back up. Look for an air pump that has quick inflation and a durable build.

8.Water Bottle Holder

Electric bikes are very common as a workout tool. Many people use electric bikes to keep their bodies in shape and top-notch condition. As a valuable exercise tool, you are bound to get thirsty or tired after riding it. This makes it very convenient to have a bottle holder on your e-bike.

That way, anytime you want to have a sip of water from your container, you can easily retrieve it from your water bottle holder. You won’t have to stop riding your bike before you can drink water.

If you are an eco-friendly person, you can invest in reusable plastic water containers to do your part for the environment. This reduces the risk associated with glass bottles and promotes sustainability.

9.Storage Bag

People who carry things on their bikes, delivery riders especially, need a safe place to keep their items before reaching their destination. This is where a storage bag comes in. Riders can keep their goods and other important materials in storage bags to properly contain them.

There are different types of storage bags that you can use for your electric bike. You can use a bikepacking bag or an everyday carry bag. If you are only carrying small tools and items in your bag, you only need an everyday bag.

However, if you need to carry clothes, camping gear, and food, you need a larger bag that can carry more things. Some storage bags are large enough to even house a camping tent. This can be very convenient for when you go for camping trips.

Pannier bags are also very good for storing items. They generally have two compartments, so you can store more load and keep your items separate. It is usually placed over the rear wheel and bike rack of an e-bike, and has a compartment on both sides.

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10.Rear Mounted Basket

Most times, you are not the only thing on your electric bike. There is always the odds that you are carrying something with you, whether it’s for school, gym, or just groceries. It is a common occurrence to see people with various items on their electric bike.

Whatever it is you might be carrying, a rear mounted basket can help transport it more conveniently. Like the name implies, rear mounted baskets are baskets that are placed behind the electric bike as a storage space. The size of your rear basket determines the amount of load you can put in it.

If you use your electric bikes for deliveries, you will probably need a large rear basket to contain all your goods at once. However, if you only need a space to keep small items like books, you don’t need an overly large rear mounted basket on your e-bike. Some e-bikes like the NAKTO Classic Commuter e-bike have their basket mounted at the front.

Having the best bike accessories makes for a unique, comfortable riding experience. Electric bikes have various accessories and each of them has its own practical use. They are either for safety, storage, or comfort. Check out this Youtube video to find out more on essential e-bike accessories.

For safe and comfortable rides, get the best electric bike accessories for your product. NAKTO provides you with reliable and safe electric bikes for your comfortable use. We offer fast and free delivery anywhere in the continental US, and our products are very easy to assemble.
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If you are looking for a place to get the best electric bikes and their accessories, NAKTO is the place for you. Accessories make your e-bike safer and more comfortable to ride. Whether you are looking for an insulated food delivery bag, rear seats, phone mounts or foldable locks, we’ve got you.

You can find various e-bike essential accessories on our online store. Our products are durable, reliable and ready for free shipping to all continental United States. We have a wide range of e-bike accessories that enhance comfort, sports, and camping. From rear-mounted baskets, to pannier bags and pet bike trailers, NAKTO has the best.

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