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The Role of EBike in Urban Transportation

JUNE 21, 2024


Having access to reliable transportation has become an absolute necessity today. People depend on private and public means of transportation to travel from A to B as effectively and efficiently as they can.

In addition, as the rate of vehicle ownership increases throughout the country closely followed by an increasing dependence on the public transportation system, people have to spend a lot of time stuck in traffic jams, are unable to find parking spaces, and are often late to work.

Being stuck in daily or frequent traffic jams has become a reality many commuters have to live with.

According to a 2022 research report, it identified that, on average, commuters spend more than 50 hours per year idling in traffic. This number has been on a constant rise ever since.

Rush hour traffic is another nightmarish annoyance so many of us can relate to. Depending on your proximity to work and where you live, it is likely that an average daily commuter has to spend 14-17 every day stuck in rush hour traffic jams.

Another profound issue stemming from the increase in vehicle ownership is the constant lack of parking spaces available in major US cities, resulting in people parking their cars illegally or causing traffic congestion.

So, are there any genuine solutions other than completely revamping the traffic infrastructure (which may never happen or may take years before we can see any positive results)?

Well, yes. Ebikes! Electric bikes have become increasingly popular over the past decade, with users being able to travel worry-free over long distances on pure electric energy.

No parking issues and no traffic jam concerns. In light of this let's delve into how Nakto electric bikes can completely change your life. 

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The Rise and Development of Ebike

Let's first talk about the origins of electric bikes. You would be surprised to know that the first ebikes were manufactured more than 200 years ago, in the 1800s.

This was also close to the very same time when the world was witnessing the production of the common bicycle. In 1895, a forward-thinking inventor from America, Ogden Bolton Jr filed a patent for the first battery-powered bicycle in the country.

Earlier renditions of electric bikes created by Bolton comprised a tiny electric motor fitted in the hub of the rear wheel that was powered by a battery. Unfortunately, this technology, at the time, was not overly embraced and Bolton's creations were instead seen as a niche product.

Electric bikes to a turn for the better, infused with modern technology, in the early 1990s. Asian and European countries were among the first regions to embrace the concept of an ebike being used for light, urban travel.

In 1993, Yamaha was able to manufacture and launch a series of commercially used ebikes, which were also known as hybrid bikes. At the time, Yamaha's ebikes came built-in with pedal assistance. However, they did not feature throttle control like today's cutting-edge ebikes from Nakto do.

As advancements in innovation and technology surfaced, such as in the 2000s, electric bicycles were produced with more efficiency and reliability. For example, manufacturers started using lithium-ion batteries, which significantly improved the total distance traveled on a single charge, making ebikes more practical for urban transportation. 

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Current Market Landscape

According to statistics, it was evaluated that the total market value of the electric bike industry in 2022 amounted to more than $36 billion. In addition, the same report indicated that the market value of the industry in 2023 was more than $43 billion and is subjected to substantial growth towards 2030.

Another report has indicated that the worldwide electric bike industry is going to significantly propel from more than $48 billion in 2024 to over $70 billion in the next six years, attaining an average CAGR of over 6%.

This is mainly thanks to the technological advancement in modern ebikes, welcoming an increased demand by global citizens who are also heavily inclined towards environmental sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint by using carbon-negative means of urban transportation.

Another reason why people are investing in ebikes is – well, hiked gas prices! The switch to ebikes in droves has also prompted developed nations such as the US to promptly build bike-friendly road infrastructure and dedicated lanes for electric bikers on highways.

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Future Trends and Prospects

There is no question that the ebike industry is on a constant path of evolution. his evolution is mostly supported and driven by newer and better technological innovation, making modern ebikes even better sustainable means of transport.

As we speculate what is going to happen over the next decade, there are some important factors to consider in light of major tech trends and prospects that users can expect in ebikes of the future.

Optimized Batter Power and Efficiency

One of the most important elements to consider when talking about ebikes is their battery power and efficiency.

As tech trends continue to revolutionize, resulting in advanced electric battery production, we will likely see companies building considerably lighter lithium-ion batteries that have considerably shorter recharging times and allow users to travel greater distances on a single charge.

In addition to that, these batteries are going to be less maintenance-intensive than they already are, providing users with peace of mind as they will be able to use the same battery for years to come.

Smart Technology in Ebikes

Users can also expect to see some really cool changes in the technical robustness of electric bikes. Some features that you should look forward to include the usage of connected apps. These are going to offer cyclists real-time, on-the-spot, and faster information on their battery health, their fitness goals, and route optimization data.

In addition, you can also expect upgraded GPS and navigation systems that will provide cyclists with safer and more available routes along with making navigation much more easier. Plus, you can also expect the integration of geofencing in future ebikes.

But perhaps one of the best upgrades that you should expect to see in the near future is remote diagnostics. Yes. Ebikes will have a smart system integrated that will alert users to potential problems or damages on their bikes. Some high-end bikes may even come with self-diagnosed issues and maintenance alerts.

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Alleviating Traffic Congestion

Ebikes and Compact and Easy to Maneuver

One of the best things about electric bikes, apart from their capabilities to enable users to travel long distances using electric power and pedal assist, is that they are smaller in size and easy to maneuver.

Now, the immediate benefit of riding an electric bike is that you will no longer be bothered by traffic congestion or serious traffic jams that can waste several minutes to hours every day.

The Nakto Camel Men ebike is a perfect example. Designed with a newly upgraded 350W rear hub electric motor, the Camel has a maximum range of 32 miles on a single charge and pedal assist and has a weight-load capacity of 300 lbs.

In addition, ebikes can be ridden on roads and public infrastructure that cars and other vehicles use. There are dedicated bike paths available that cyclists can use without worrying about being stuck in traffic, saving precious time when going to or coming back from work.

Plus, with ebikes, cutting through traffic is so easy. There are an abundance of shortcuts available that you can use. For example, you can cut through parks, towns, off-road bike trails, etc.

Benefit to Traffic Flow Distribution

One of the most frustrating problems associated with public and private transportation is frequent traffic congestion. This mainly results from a huge number of people coming from or going to work all at the same time, causing long queues, reduced moving pace, irritation and road rage, etc.

An electric bike is an excellent way to steer clear of traffic jams by taking routes that traditional vehicles can't travel on. Plus, the more people opt for ebikes, the more they will be contributing to traffic flow distribution and global warming.

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Improving Urban Air Quality

Considerable Reduction Carbon Emissions

Electric bikes are designed for convenience, efficient transportation, and above all, reducing carbon emissions. It is an excellent way to contribute to the environment and combat the adverse health consequence of increasingly deteriorating air quality due to fossil-fuel emissions produced by vehicles.

Apart from ensuring you are playing your part in helping with bettering the environment around you, there are also other positives associated with ebikes. For example, they are considerably less expensive than modern vehicles. 

Reduction in Noise Pollution

Noise pollution as a result of busy highways, streets, and roads coming in and out of population centers can be very annoying. In addition, noise pollution could also have adverse effects on your health such as leading to headaches, lack of focus, etc. An ebike is virtually noiseless thanks to its electric motor. You will never have to worry about road disruption.

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Fighting Climate Change and Helping Mother Nature Heal

Thanks to increased climate awareness throughout the globe, people are looking to implement cleaner and more sustainable ways to live their lives. Transportation plays a key role in damaging our environment.

More and more people are leaping towards electric vehicles and bikes. However, electric bikes are becoming equally more popular as they are less expensive and are designed to run on clean energy.

According to one study posted by researchers from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, it was identified that using ebikes can offer substantial sustainability benefits by reducing carbon emissions caused by gas-powered vehicles by more than 48%.

The Nakto Folding Ox ebike can be a very good example of how you can cut your carbon emissions. This ebike has a maximum travel range of 60 miles on a single charge coupled with pedal assist and is perfect for urban travel.

Plus, one of the defining features of the Folding Ox is its superb portability. You can literally fold the ebike in three steps and store it virtually anywhere. You can hang the bike in your garage or at an appropriate location at the office. The point is, you won’t have to park it anywhere. In addition, the ebike comes with an upgraded 500W rear hub electric motor.

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Enhancing Travel Convenience

Shortening Commuting Time

Another excellent advantage of investing in a Nakto ebike is the fact that you can significantly cut down on your total commuting time. Thanks to the portability, quick charging, and powerful electric motors of ebikes, you will never have to worry about being stuck in a traffic jam or worry about wasting time finding a parking space.

Modern ebikes, such as the Nakto Skylark come with a built-in 600W peak electric rear hub motor that can provide users with a total travel range of 25 miles at a speed of up to 22 miles per hour.

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Social Policies and Support

Modern electric bikes are a complete economic and sustainability package. They feature enhanced performance technologies, are great for the environment, and can help solve a lot of the problems associated with the current road infrastructure and transportation development.

In addition, we also face a climate problem, which is continuously being exacerbated by urban traffic congestion, spreading more and more carbon emissions it makes complete sense that the government incentivizes and promotes the usage of electric bikes for more widespread adoption.

In San Fransisco, for example, the local government has taken excellent steps toward maximizing the use and awareness of the benefits of ebikes. It passed an unprecedented ebike adoption program known as the E-Bike Rebate Program.

The scheme aims to encourage its citizens to buy ebikes and get rebates of up to $300, motivating people who may not have the means to afford ebikes to also have access to them.

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So there you have it, a comprehensive dive into just how important ebikes have become to not just solve the current urban transportation problems but to also help users save money on fuel, contribute to the environment, and save time on their daily commuting.

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