NAKTO Ambassador Program

Join our exclusive NAKTO Ambassador Program and become a vital part of our brand community!

As a NAKTO Ambassador, you'll enioy exciting perks and rewards while representing our innovative electric bicycles. Share your passion for eco-friendly transportation and collaborate with us onengaging content across various socialmedia platforms.

Benefits and Incentives

01. Free bikes

At least 3 NAKTO electric bicycles annually.

02. Early Product Access

Exclusive access to the latest products as a brand ambassador

03. Exclusive Discount Code

Brand ambassadors get exclusive discount codes for themselves and their followers.

04. Commission

Earn a 6% commission on orders generated through specific collaborations.

05. Points Redemption

Earn points by meeting monthly posting requirements. Redeem points for free accessories like phone mounts and folding locks.

06. Likes Over 500 Reward

Receive a free battery for every post that garners over 500 likes.

07. Views Over 50,000


Get an additional free bicycle for any post that accumulates over 50,000 views.


  • Posting Frequency: Share 2 posts monthly on any platform (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, orTikTok) with unique hashtags, including but not limited to NAKTO marketingcampaigns.(Collaborate with the brand on occasions such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, BlackFriday, Christmas discounts.)

  • NAKTO Event Compliance: Participate in NAKTO events and adhere to event quidelines.

  • Privilege RevocationTerms: Failure to meet the posting frequency requirement within the first quarter willresult in the automatic revocation of the privilege to receive a minimum of threebikes annually.

Application Process

Ready to join our team of eBike ambassadors? Simply fill out the application form below. We'll review your application and get back to you within 1 week with further instructions on how to proceed.

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Please contact,
or call us at (714) 603-7182

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