Nakto in the press

"A step through cruiser ebike from a company looking to take over the entry level market, with bikes such as this their focus seems to be extremely competitive price points matched with a list of features and customer support and a US headquarters for peace of mind with fenders, rear rack, front basket, and battery integrated headlight for just $749 USD."

"If you are looking for an all-terrain, economical ebike loaded with convenient features, the Nakto Ox might be your favorite new ebike. I have really enjoyed riding this bike around town. This bike can tackle beat up pavement, hills, and errands with style. Let’s take a spin through the features."

"Not only does it try to give you so much in terms of styling, but it’s also trying to maintain an entry-level price to entice the e-bike curious who might not be ready to make a substantial monetary investment into e-bikes. It makes this bike a curiosity of sorts – one that we were eager to test out as we’ve seen plenty around our corner of Southern Utah."

"A value priced fat-tire hub-drive electric bike that is not only capable but has features like a suspension fork, wide plastic fenders, battery integrated headlight, and locking ergonomic grips.

Electrically powered by a 500 watt Aoma hub-drive motor that is engaged via both a thumb throttle and cadence based pedal assist, features a high capacity 48v 12ah battery and large display"

"What I liked about this e-bike is that it offers you a nice way to get around. The level of speed and battery life on this bike is ideal for cruising around the neighborhood quite leisurely. The pedal-assist mode ensures that you won’t have to strain, but if you don’t want to move a muscle, the e-bike mode is always on standby."

"Similar to its cousin, the NAKTO 26, the NAKTO Spark E-Bike is built with carbon steel for a much tougher build, in addition to shock absorption. It can really take a beating, which adds years to its lifespan. Like the E-Joe Anggun Electric Comfort Bike, a step-thru design was incorporated, which allows for easy mounting and dismounting. A different durable bike that you can compare with is in our NCM bike review."

"It’s a Dutch-style e-bike which makes it a standard city or commuter bike, but it’s got a suspension fork that would allow it to feel a bit more comfortable on light trails and it even has a rack and basket setup for hauling cargo. It almost feels like a step-through beach cruiser, but with narrower tires."

"Here, we’ve got the Nakto 26″ City Electric Bicycle to review. This is a beginner-friendly e-Bike that you can get from Amazon or Walmart for a budget-friendly price. This e-bike has a pretty look, an excellent battery life, three modes of running, including full throttle mode for pure electrical bike experience."

"A value priced cruiser ebike with fenders, suspension fork, rear rack, front basket, and battery integrated headlight for just $649 USD.

Driven by a 250 watt rear hub-motor with both throttle and cadence based pedal assist, features a 36v 10.4ah battery and easy to use controls"

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