Folding Bike

Folding bikes are a great choice if you need something portable, flexible, and suitable for urban commuting and short rides. If you're looking for high-performance, long-distance rides or high-intensity exercise, a traditional large-wheeled bike may be better for you.

So if you're not sure if you want to buy a folding bike, read this article of ours.

What Is a Folding Bike?

The best thing about folding bikes is that they can be folded to fit into a small space and they look roughly the same as a traditional bike. Depending on the function, folding bikes can also be electric folding bikes and traditional non-electric bikes.
On weekends or holidays, it is a good choice to take folding bikes to the park or countryside to ride and travel for vacation. Folding bikes are lightweight and easy to carry, and can be easily loaded into the trunk of a car or checked on an airplane.
Folding e-bike

Pros and Cons of Folding Bike

Some people prefer folding bikes, while others find them troublesome. So let's systematically talk about the advantages and disadvantages of folding bikes.

Advantages of Folding Bicycle

  • PORTABILITY: Folding bikes can be easily folded for portability and storage. Suitable for those who live in apartments or work in small spaces, it is convenient to store it at home, office, or car trunk. And it is especially suitable for those who need to commute several times on the way, after folding, you can take it on the bus, subway, or train, to solve the problem of the "last kilometer".
  • Convenience: Folding bikes can be folded and unfolded quickly, which is suitable for users who need to fold and unfold frequently. Combined with public transportation, it can avoid traffic congestion and reduce commuting time.
  • Security: Folded bicycles can be brought indoors for storage without worrying about theft, which is especially important in areas with high rates of bicycle theft.
  • Multifunctionality: It is suitable for various scenarios, such as urban commuting, leisure riding, short-distance traveling, etc., providing a variety of possibilities for use. It can be used in different riding environments, from city streets to park trails with ease.
  • Travel friendly: folding bikes can be taken on long-distance transportation such as airplanes and trains, which is suitable for use when traveling and vacationing, increasing the flexibility and freedom of travel.

Disadvantages of folding bikes

  • Ride quality: small wheel-diameter bikes can be bumpier than large wheel-diameter bikes when riding on uneven surfaces, with relatively poor stability, and may feel uncomfortable when riding for long periods. The frame may have some elasticity that affects the overall stability and comfort of the ride.
  • Lower performance: Due to the smaller wheel diameter, folding bicycles are generally slower and cannot reach the same speeds as traditional large-wheeled bicycles. Shifting gears are usually fewer, limiting the ability to adapt to different terrains, especially when climbing hills and riding long distances.
  • Durability: Folding mechanisms are relatively complex and may require more maintenance and care to ensure smooth folding and unfolding and durability. Some folding bikes have a low weight capacity, limiting the weight of the rider and the weight of items carried.
These detailed advantages and disadvantages can help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of the features of folding bikes, making it easier to make a more informed choice when making a purchase.

Who Will Love the Folding Bike

Folding bikes are loved by many different people because of their unique portability and versatility. Here are some of the people who are particularly suited to and likely to enjoy folding bikes:
1. Urban Commuters
  • Commuters: Commuters need to commute in crowded cities, folding bicycles can easily avoid traffic jams, and at the same time can be taken on the subway or bus, solving the problem of the "last kilometer".
  • Public Transportation Users: For people who frequently use public transportation, folding bikes are easy to carry and do not take up too much space.
folding ebike
2. Students
  • University students: commuting within or between campuses. Folding bicycles are lightweight and easy to store, making them ideal for use on university campuses.
  • Boarding students: For students living in school dormitories, folding bicycles can be easily stored in the small dormitory space.
3. Travelers
  • Travelers: People who like to drive or travel long distances, folding bikes are easy to carry and can be unfolded to explore more places after arriving at the destination.
  • Frequent travelers: For people who need to travel frequently, folding bikes can be easily taken on airplanes and trains for short-distance movement at destinations.
4. Fitness enthusiasts
  • Daily Exercise: For people who want to do daily exercise by riding, folding bikes are easy to carry and can be ridden anywhere and anytime for exercise.
  • Outdoor sports enthusiasts: fitness enthusiasts who like outdoor sports, and folding bicycles are easy to carry to a variety of outdoor places.
5. Small space dwellers
  • Apartment dwellers: People living in apartments or small houses, folding bicycles are easy to store and do not take up too much space.
  • Shared Residents: People who share a room with others or live in a shared space, folding bicycles can be stored indoors to minimize the risk of theft.
6. Environmentalists
Low-carbon travel advocates: people who advocate low-carbon and environmentally friendly travel methods. Folding bikes are an environmentally friendly means of transportation that reduces dependence on cars and lowers carbon emissions.
7. Businessman
  • Urban mobility needs: business people who need to move frequently in the city, folding bikes are convenient and fast, not affected by traffic congestion.
  • Folding bikes are convenient for businessmen who need to travel between different cities. Folding bikes can be easily taken on airplanes and trains to increase the flexibility of traveling.
Folding bikes are suitable for people with different needs and lifestyles due to their portability, versatility, and environmental friendliness, especially in urban environments and situations where frequent movement is required. 

Some Buying Tips if You Wanna a Folding Bike

If you're planning to buy a folding bike, here's some streamlined buying advice and a specific example:

Buying advice

1. Determine use and needs: will it be used primarily for urban commuting or recreational riding?

2. Consider weight and portability: the weight of the bike and its size when folded.

3. Check the folding mechanism: whether it is easy to fold and unfold, and whether it is stable after folding.

4. Ride comfort: height adjustability of the seat and handlebars, availability of a shock absorbing system.

5. Choose the wheel diameter: 16 inches or 20 inches for portability, 24 inches or 26 inches for stable riding.

6. Pay attention to the gearing system: choose gears and transmission brands according to your needs.

7. Consider the material and durability: aluminum alloy frame is lightweight, steel frame is durable, and carbon fiber frame is lightweight and high-priced.

8. Brand and after-sales service: choose a reputable brand and understand the warranty policy.

9. Budget consideration: choose the most cost-effective model within the budget.

10. Test ride experience: Test ride before purchase to ensure comfort and maneuverability.

The Nakto Skylark is a good choice if you need a folding bike that is suitable for urban commuting, and short-distance riding, and has an electric assist. Its moderate weight and small folded size make it easy to store and carry, making it especially suitable for public transportation during rush hour. Its 16-inch wheel diameter provides plenty of stability, the aluminum frame is lightweight and durable, and it comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars to ensure a comfortable ride.

The Nakto Skylark also features an easy folding mechanism and an electric power assist system to help reduce physical exertion while riding, making it ideal for those on a budget but looking for electric assistance. The brand offers a comprehensive warranty and after-sales service to ensure a hassle-free experience after purchase. Before purchasing, it is recommended to visit a specialty store to test ride and feel its riding comfort and maneuverability to ensure that you choose the model that best suits your needs.

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