Controller for City Stroller

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Your controller drives power to your motor and controls its speed, so it's important to replace it if yours becomes damaged or broken.

We'll get the correct replacement to you so that everything will soon be in working order again.

Do you know where is the controller in?In the box , which is under the battery. You need to open it by unscrew the nut.

NAKTO electric bike controller for city stroller

  • SKU:D050004S
  • Specification:36V 250W 9pin
  • Model:This NAKTO battery suits for City Stroller
  • If you still do not know which NAKTO bike controller you need buy,please check with our customer service.

    The product usually be dispatched at the same day that orders received, and it usually takes 3-7 days to be delivered. You can get free shipping, and we only ship to the US.

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