Battery essential resources

Discover the basics of battery usage on your ebike in this article, including powering on/off, checking charge level, range, and etc. Consult your User's Manual for detailed information. For charging and storage best practices, refer to the Battery Charging Guide article, and check your User's Manual for recommendations specific to your ebike's battery.

  • Warning

Using a damaged battery or charger can damage additional components or create a fire hazard. Stop using your battery and charger and contact NAKTO immediately if any of the following occur:

  • Your charger’s flexible power cord or output cable or any of the electrical cables on your is frayed, has broken insulation, or any other signs of damage,
  • Your battery or charger is physically damaged, non-functional, or performing abnormally,
  • Your battery or charger experienced a significant impact from a fall, crash, or shipping damage, with or without obvious signs of damage,
  • Your battery is leaking a clear, pungent, gel-like substance (which is potentially corrosive and flammable),
  • Your battery was submerged in liquid or had extensive water exposure or damage, or
  • Your charger becomes too hot to touch (it’s designed to get warm with normal use), makes an unusual smell, makes a popping sound, or shows other signs of overheating.

Store any damaged battery or charger in a safe, dry location away from the house and other flammable materials/structures and, as soon as possible, recycle or otherwise dispose of it according to local rules. Contact NAKTO Ebike Support if you have any questions. In the case of a leaking battery as described above, call NAKTO immediately. Replacement batteries and chargers are available HERE.

Battery details

Most models use an external or built-in Li-ion battery varies from 36V 10A to 48V 12A.

You can learn more about battery specifications for the ebikes we currently sell HERE

External vs. built-in batteries

Your ebike from NAKTO Bikes is designed for either an external battery (that sits against your ebike frame) or a built-in battery (that partially nests into the frame). Both types of batteries are high-end, Li-ion battery batteries, but they have some differences in how they're secured to the frame and how they are activated. We'll call out such differences in the rest of this article.

Built-in Battery

External Battery

Inserting, unlocking and removing the battery
Battery charge
Battery range

The battery gives most of our ebikes a range of between 20-65 miles on a single charge depending on riding characteristics: how much pedal assist and throttle is used, amount of weight carried, terrain, hills, and tire inflation. Click HERE to know 13 Tips to Increase Your Battery Range on Your E-bike

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