MAY 9, 2022

How Do I Replace My eBike Battery

Batteries for electric bikes allow you to ride your bike for a long distance. However, your ebike battery will eventually need to be changed. Whether you've been in a severe accident or the former battery is no longer capable of holding a charge, you might desire a brand new battery that has a more excellent range.

If the battery in an electric bicycle dies, some cyclists believe that they will have to purchase a new one. On the other hand, others believe that they are good at fitting any battery that seems to work. It's simple to swap the old one with a brand new ebike battery. Of course, it's possible if you correctly follow the instructions. It is unnecessary buying a new electric bike because of a damaged or dead battery.

When you follow the instructions in this article, you'll be able to do much more with your bicycle than simply replacing the ebike battery. Also covered in this post are techniques for extending its most remarkable performance possible.

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  • Why Does my eBike Battery No Longer Work Like it Used To?
  • Can I Use Any eBike Battery on my Electric Bike?
  • When To Change The Electric Bike Battery
  • How Much are Replacement Batteries for Electric Bikes?
  • Factors To Consider When Replacing Your Electric Bike Battery
  • Steps to Change Your Electric Bike Battery
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Why Does my eBike Battery No Longer Work Like it Used To?

If you're wondering why your ebike battery isn't functioning well like it used to, these are some of the few factors to consider.

The battery is swelling up

As soon as you notice that the battery pack on your eBike has a bulge, turn off the power and carefully remove the battery from your eBike's frame.

The battery is not charging anymore

If the battery doesn't charge anymore, check for the power switch outlet if it is turned on or not. Is the charger operational and producing more than 36 Volts? Is the battery becoming too hot? Check these things first to know if replacing the ebike battery is the only solution left.

The battery is losing full charge capacity

It is customary to lose their total capacity after 700 charge cycles. However, this is not always the case.

The battery is not holding a charge

A short circuit or a defective battery may be present if you notice that you're charging it. However, it depletes rapidly even after turning it on and turning off the charger.

2. Can I Use Any eBike Battery on my Electric Bike?

Your electric bike's battery may either make or break your ride. There are many things you should know about how to deal with this. If you need to buy a new battery or if it has run out of power, what do you need to do? Is replacing the ebike battery possible if the batteries look like they will fit?

As it turns out, e-bike batteries aren't all the same. They can't go together. People who want to ride an electric bike need to know what battery they need. The voltage (V), amps/capacity (Ah), battery size, and weight all play a role. Due to the overall size and weight of the battery, this is how this works. For example, it's impossible to use a 48-Volt battery on an e-bike with a 36-Volt battery.

There's no way to make a big mistake with e-bike batteries if you think they look the same. Before buying the battery for your electric bike, make sure it meets all of the guidelines. Without doing this, your bike will not work right, or you could damage the battery and engine.

3. When To Change The Electric Bike Battery

When to replace your ebike battery? Consider these five things in mind.

Battery wearing out

Between three and five years is the typical life expectancy of an electric bike's battery. This depends on how effectively you take care of it during its whole life cycle. You'll have to replace your battery if it degrades over time.

Showing signs of physical damage

During extended travels, bumps and vibrations on the road may cause bodily harm. To be safe, replace your batteries if you see any signs of physical damage.

Doesn't charge anymore

You won't be able to ride your bike anymore if your battery dies out. It's impossible to charge a dead battery, much alone keep it charged. As soon as the battery dies, you'll need to replace it.

Restricted range and short battery life

If you constantly check and monitor your battery for indicators that it is running low, you should get a new battery with a more extended range.

Swollen batteries

Batteries swell because chemical processes don't finish, resulting in the formation of a gas that makes them bigger. You might be gravely injured if you leave your bike running on a full charge. Get a replacement battery as soon as you see it becoming bigger.

4. How Much are Replacement Batteries for Electric Bikes?

Most of the value of an electric bike comes from its battery, which is the most expensive part. It is often worth between 30% and 40% of the bike's total value, which means it has the most significant impact on the price. While this is not true, normal wear and tear can still affect it like any other part.

Keep in mind that these things are only good for a specific time. You'll have to change the power source because it's either broken or too old.

Most premium e-bike batteries sell for between $500 and $800, but the price can change based on many different things, such as which brand you buy, how good the batteries are, and how big they are. The price range above is typical for a battery with a capacity of between 400wh and 700wh.

The cost of batteries made by big-name brands usually costs more than batteries made by small-name brands. So think about this when you figure out the cost per watt-hour.

5. Factors To Consider When Replacing Your Electric Bike Battery

What Kind Of Battery Do You Use?

Understanding what kind of battery your electric bike is powered by could help you determine which battery you should purchase to replace it. It is necessary to use the same battery on each bike to avoid compatibility issues. Users of e-handbooks for bicycles may learn more about the kind of battery their bike has and how to charge it.

Size Of The Battery Group

Batteries are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are difficult to come by for electric bicycles, so you want to locate one that you can install on your bike fast. Examining your owner's handbook will allow you to discover which group size your ebike battery fits.

Capacity In Electricity

To determine the capacity of electric batteries, two methods are available. The first method is to utilize amp hours, while the second method is to use watt-hours. Everything in one location makes it easy to compare and contrast different things. The amount of range you will be able to acquire will be determined by how much battery power you have.

The Age Of Batteries

When purchasing a replacement battery for an old one, pay attention to the date the battery was manufactured.

Choose a battery manufactured no more than six months ago. Batteries in this condition can be considered brand new and unopened. Additionally, they are less prone to have issues while using other devices.

What Is The Brand's Name?

Batteries power most ebikes, and only a small group of firms manufacture them. It is preferable to get a replacement from the same manufacturer you want to maintain. Before transitioning to a new brand, you must first read and understand the regulations and requirements included in your owner's handbook.

Electric Bike Battery Style

When you purchase a new battery, its construction will decide how simple or difficult it is to install. It is simple to swap out batteries of the same kind seating in a bike's frame.

When it comes to replacing your outdated equipment, several solutions are available on the market. You may have to spend a lot of money on replacing an ebike battery manufactured by a single firm and has a unique design.


If you're looking to purchase batteries nowadays, various firms are from which to pick. Some companies provide very low-cost battery solutions that seem to be a good value for the money. Carry out an extensive study to determine whether or not the product matches your expectations. People that manufacture batteries employ poor-quality raw materials to keep their prices low and their products unstable.

6. Steps to Change Your Electric Bike Battery

The following is a step-by-step guide on replacing an ebike battery.

To unlock the battery pack, press the lock button on the side, and then it will open up. You could do this with a key or by loosening the screws that keep the battery compartment in place on the bicycle's body.

There should be no cords that connect to the battery to keep it from being damaged.

Clamps that hold the battery must be loosened. This way, you can take the battery out of a device.

Remove the battery from your bicycle with care. Keep your hand on the bike during replacement, so it doesn't fall over.

Make sure the new battery isn't falling out.

Double-check to see if the clamps and other things that held the old batteries are still there.

Make sure that all wires are connected correctly and that the battery kit is stored safely.

7. Frequently Asked Questions

Should I charge my ebike after every ride?

When you ride your electric bike for the second time, you don't have to let the battery die down. Instead, try to charge the battery when it has between 30% and 60% of its power left. On the other hand, some battery experts say that after every 30 to 40 charges, you should completely drain all your battery's power.

Should eBike battery be on or off when charging?

Keeping the engine off when you recharge your eBike to keep the battery safe is essential. Hence, not only it will take longer to recharge your battery if you leave it running all the time, but it'll also be more likely to have an improper charge and damage your battery.

Should I remove battery from eBike?

To keep the battery in its best condition, don't leave it on your electric bike while you're riding. Instead of keeping your battery fully charged or empty, it is better to keep your battery at around 60% charge for a long time.

Can ebike batteries be rebuilt?

It is possible to fix and rebuild batteries for electric bicycles. Repairing the battery means replacing parts that have been damaged, while rebuilding the battery means replacing worn parts before they break down completely. A refurbished e-bike battery is better than a new one in terms of cost and performance because it is much cheaper and can get the battery back to where it was.

How long does an eBike battery last before replacement?

An electric bike's battery typically lasts three to five years. This is dependent on how well you care for it during its life. A dry environment that isn't too hot or cold can extend the life of your battery. You'll need to acquire a new battery if your current one loses performance over time. As a result, you may expect to replace your e-battery bike's in 3 to 5 years, which is already worth the investment.

8.  Conclusion

Our experts advise replacing the battery when purchasing a new electric bike. Getting a new battery for your ebike should increase time and speed on the road. You may expect to travel farther and quicker with a fresh battery since it's brand new.

However, there's another option. If your original battery is still okay, keep it as a backup. This will allow you to continue on your adventure. If you use the correct battery, you may retain the same eBike for a long time. This technique will save you tons of money and help you get the most out of your ebike.