NOV 8, 2022

Why Many Are Switching to Electric Bikes for Commuting

Cycling as a means of commuting has to be the most eco-friendly way to move from one location to another. However, the introduction of electric bikes just sweetened the deal a whole lot.

Electric bikes are quickly becoming one of the most popular hassle-free means of commuting and we’re here for it. Commuting to work, school, or quickly picking up groceries a few blocks away can be so hectic when you live in the city. Highly populated areas especially metropolitan cities that hustle and bustle 24/7 have really experienced a significant transformation with the presence of not just traditional bicycles but electric bikes.

With a pedal assist and throttle that makes journeying with ebikes so much easier, working-class individuals and students can get to work quickly without breaking a sweat and feeling so worn out from pedaling. A lot of the challenges faced in these cities like traffic congestion, pollution, transportation fare, and overly crowded subways and buses have significantly dropped thanks to electric bikes. Even taking a look at the health benefits of cycling, ebikes don’t need you to exert yourself however, the simple movement helps you to get some exercise in before sitting for long hours at your office or class.

If you’ve not started using ebikes for commuting, we have some valid reasons why you might begin to consider making the switch.

Keep reading to get more insights on the advantages of commuting with ebikes in the modern age and some things you need to keep in mind before you get started. 

1.Stay Safe From The Pandemic

The COVID pandemic literally made everyone rethink their daily lives like commuting to work in an overly crowded bus or train. Staying in congested places during the pandemic and even over a year after stirs up so much anxiety and panic because covid is still present.

However, moving around with an ebike has made it possible to stay safe without getting worried about having too many people in your space. You can simply hop on your electric bike and start your journey knowing that there’s enough distance between you and the next cyclist. You also have the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and nature which makes you feel positive about starting your day.

You might be thinking that we already had traditional bicycles to give us that freedom and that’s true but the extra push your ebike gives you makes the commuting experience a whole lot more enjoyable. 

2.Less Traffic To Bear

Nine out of ten people when asked what makes commuting so dreaded would say the traffic congestion, especially in major cities. A lot of workers and even students can already foresee how manic their day would be so having to get stuck in traffic for up to 30 minutes doesn’t help one bit.

In addition, a lot of people have to leave home earlier just so that they can beat the traffic so of course, we’re likely to have grouchy people around us more often than not.

However, with ebikes, you can start your day calmly and be rest assured that your estimated time to get to your destination won’t change because of traffic. Thanks to some ebikes small yet wide wheel and pedal levels, you can easily move through the traffic getting to your destination in good spirits.

3.Get Some Workouts In

Reports have shown that many 9-5 workers sit for longer periods than is healthy for them. This can lead to different health issues like back pain, obesity, and so on. Just like we mentioned earlier, commuting with a traditional bike might feel like you ran all the way to your office because there’s no form of assistance from the bike.

On the other hand, ebikes have pedal assist and a throttle that makes the entire journey easy and fast. There’s movement from you but you’re not expected to exert yourself just because you want to go faster. It’s also up to you if you decide to put in more effort in pedaling and save your ebikes battery too.

The upside to this is that you’ll get some exercise done on your way to work and back even if you have to sit for long hours. Having to stop by at the gym before or after work can be ruled out on weekdays thanks to your electric bike. 

4.There’s No Sweating

Whilst it’s been emphasized how eco-friendly cycling around the city is, a lot of people (us included) don’t want to start their day out of breath and feeling like they went to the gym and didn't shower right after. It’s uncomfortable for you and those around you. Cycling within certain locations is difficult because of distance and terrain. Traditional bikes need you to put in a lot of work to get to a place faster and to also maneuver your way through hilly areas.

On the flip side, ebikes are built with motors and up to 5 pedal assist levels that allow you to cruise to your destination without working yourself out too hard. You can decide on the amount of effort you want to put in whilst on your journey ensuring that you arrive early, pleasant looking, and cool-headed. 

5.More Speed When Needed

Ebikes are loved by many because unlike regular bikes, they provide users with the extra assistance needed to move from point A to B more quickly and with less manpower. In the case of regular bikes, your energy and speed when pedaling determine how quickly you’ll get to your destination at as little as 10 miles an hour.

On the other hand, motors available on ebikes allow you to go more than 20 miles an hour which means that you can meet deadlines especially if you have to move around a lot for work or school. If you’re not in a hurry to get to your destination, you can control your speed to suit you and if you’re in a rush, it’s easy for you to take the speed up a notch.

We also can’t leave out the fact that ebikes allow you to cover farther distances than a traditional bike. Depending on your destination every morning, there might be a set commute time available for you to reach early. Regular bikes would require you to live at least 4 miles away if you want to arrive in at most 20 minutes. But with electric bikes, you can live 8 miles away and still arrive at your destination in 20 minutes. 

6.Eco-Friendly Alternative 

Our planet has gone through a lot in recent years and any move that promotes less pollution and makes people switch to more organic lifestyle choices gets a thumbs up from us. Earlier on, we mentioned how bicycles were a means to decongest and also reduce the presence of harmful fumes released from vehicles, bikes, and trains when commuting into the atmosphere.

Whilst a lot of people understand the importance of cycling to the environment, it’s understandable why they choose not to go that route. Seeing how hectic cycling is even before getting to your destination, a lot of people avoid it. 

However, with the introduction of ebikes, more people are encouraged to cycle as a means of commuting because they’re getting extra power from the pedal assist and throttle. Having to take your vehicle just to get some items a few blocks away is no longer the only option because ebikes are capable of carrying some items and even your kids when there’s a wagon attached. It’s a perfect balance between being considerate of the planet and also commuting comfortably. 

7. Beginners Friendly

You know it’s a technological advancement when it makes your life so much easier. Electric bikes take far less time to get the hang of than learning how to drive which is awesome! Understanding how to use an ebike is easy because most of the features are user-friendly.

The pedal assist mode of an ebike makes moving through hilly terrains a whole less hectic. Beginners can get started with the Nakto Fashion 36v which has a comfortable suspension, a cushy saddle, and intuitive twist grip throttle. Ebikes come with different gear levels which you can master as you become more familiar with handling them.

It’s also important to note that electric bikes are quite easy to maintain which makes them a cost-effective means of commuting. You can even learn a thing or two after visiting your local bike shop a few times on how to carry out basic ebike maintenance. 

8.Budget Friendly 

Commuting with an ebike to work, school, or any destination is way less expensive than when you have to consider getting gas for your car or paying transport fare for a bus or subway.

As you would’ve guessed, ebikes don't use fuel but they need to be charged to serve you best. To fully charge your ebike, you’d only need up to a dollar’s worth of electricity which would carry you to your destination with no stress at all and also in good time.

9.Explore Your Environment 

After a not-so-pleasant day at work or school, having to start driving home most likely encountering traffic or getting on a very full bus or train doesn't do anything to make your journey home an enjoyable one. This is why commuting with an electric bike is so stress-relieving, especially when you cruise on your way back home to enjoy the beautiful views and to even check out new routes. You can also have some time to yourself arranging your thoughts and just allowing your environment to make you feel more positive even as you arrive home.

This is possible with the pedal assist an electric bike offers which gives you the confidence to take it slow and easy knowing full well that your physical energy isn’t needed to get you home quickly and safely. 

10.It’s Becoming A Popular Trend

With how ebikes are becoming so popular, a wider range of design features to suit your commuting needs are being released so there’s a lot to choose from. For example, the Nakto Pony ebike is perfect for commuting through the city for women because of its thumb throttle and sleek step-through frame. Then there’s also the Nakto Ranger ebike that’s perfect for outdoor adventure because of its front suspension component, smooth shifting 6-speed gears, and also the high-capacity battery.

In addition, people's eagerness to switch to ebikes as a means of commuting has also made more electrical outlets, retailers, and suppliers available in more areas. We should also add that ebikes can be used all year round with the right information and preparation. Its adaptability is another upside making it a trend in more countries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is an Ebike worth it for commuting?

Yes, ebikes are worth it for commuting when you consider how budget-friendly they are, easy to get a hang of, and the extra power they provide to make commuting stress-free and enjoyable. As soon as you make the switch to electric bikes as a means of commuting, you wouldn't have to deal with the dreaded traffic jams and having to be too close to people in buses and the subway.

Q2. Is it worth it to convert a bike to electric?

Converting your bicycle to an ebike can help you to save cost and it also means that you’re already familiar with how your traditional bike works. It’s worth it to convert your old (and functional) bike to an ebike by getting a conversion kit is definitely more affordable than getting a brand new ebike.

Q3. Are electric bikes becoming more popular?

Of course! Electric bikes keep rising in popularity and it’s not stopping anytime soon, especially with new designs being released to better suit people's lifestyles. This popularity also stems from how enthusiastic people have become when it comes to getting some exercise in, being more environmentally friendly, and riding to work hassle-free in an enjoyable manner.  


In conclusion, commuting with an electric bike allows you to save so much in regards to time, money, and energy. Getting to work or school feeling positive and ready to take on any task is important for your mental health and overall productivity.

If we’ve been able to convince you to make the switch to ebikes for commuting, then it’s important to note that purchasing an electric bike from a reliable company would determine how much you’ll enjoy using the bike. That being said, you should consider getting a Nakto ebike because they have proven over the last 7 years that their ebikes can stand the test of time. Head on over to their website and get assistance to select an electric bike that fits your budget and commuting needs.