Why E-bikes Make a Great Christmas Gift 

DEC 21, 2022


Regardless of lifestyle, an electric bike is a fantastic Christmas present not only for riders but also for ourselves and our loved ones.

Everyone wants to give their loved ones the greatest possible gift. So why not give them an electric bike if you're searching for a unique, memorable, and valuable gift?

It will not only take them by surprise but also be a gift they will appreciate even after the holidays. Don’t forget e-bikes make it easier to keep active, go outside and breathe more fresh air, and take it slower to enjoy the special moments we frequently miss.

Well, if you’re not yet convinced that this will make a perfect gift for that special person this season, we’ve tailored this article to walk you through some unique reasons why electric bikes are the best Christmas present year-round.


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Why e-bikes Make a Perfect Christmas Gift

There are a handful of reasons why e-bikes make a great Christmas gift. Here are a few: 

1.People of all ages can use them

Giving e-bikes as Christmas presents to anyone on your good list is a kind gesture that will be appreciated by anybody who can ride a regular bike. Teenagers who don't yet have their driver's licenses have an unrivaled sensation of independence thanks to e-bikes.

E-bikes are also popular with older folks who may not be able to ride conventional bikes owing to health issues. They have pedal-assist technology, enabling many seniors to ride bicycles.

An electric bike is, without a doubt, a fantastic Christmas present for everyone, regardless of age. Before they are mature enough to obtain a driver's license, youngsters have more flexibility on an e-bike.

Older people who find it challenging to ride a standard bicycle due to their health might consider electric bicycles. Many older people can now ride bikes because of pedal-assist technology.

2.People of all fitness levels can use them

Electric components on electric bikes are designed to supplement human power rather than to replace it entirely. The assisted power can make cycling up hills or steep grades much more doable for people with mobility impairments. You'll also burn calories as you bike since the additional power doesn't replace your efforts.

According to recent research, riding an e-bike is a terrific form of exercise that is at least as effective as riding a regular bike. Along with burning calories and maintaining your fitness, you'll be able to go farther without being as exhausted. Electric bike riding is a fantastic way to ease into a regular workout regimen.

3.You’ll be gifting them safety 

In addition to offering riders more power than regular bicycles, e-bikes also have one significant improvement in terms of safety, which happens to be the brakes.

Traditional bicycles have cable brakes, while e-bikes have drum brakes, disc brakes and sometimes V brakes. Some e-bikes also include tougher, puncture-resistant tires, which reduce the risk of getting a flat or losing control of the bike when riding on unpaved surfaces.

4.Reasonably priced gift 

Electricity costs are quite affordable compared to how much fuel and diesel. Therefore, fully electric e-bikes offer a considerable range while cost-effectively saving you a lot of money. Furthermore, the price of an electric bike is typically lower than that of a standard cycle.

Many of the most excellent electric bicycles, like NAKTO e-bikes, allow for longer rides with just a small charge. Unquestionably, an electronic bike is less expensive than the expense of owning and maintaining a car and the cost of your yearly commute.

You'll find that adding a few pennies to your electricity account will cover the cost of charging the bike's battery. 

5.You’ll be gifting them an eco-friendly xmas present 

As 2023 draws closer, electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular, and our culture is embracing the "go green" movement. If you commute often, you're seeking a cheap, helpful mode of transportation.

However, what if there was a method to commute that was also beneficial for the environment? An electric bike would be an excellent gift for yourself or a loved one for this next Christmas season.

Air pollution, traffic, or obesity problems in the UK won't be resolved by battery-powered automobiles. Bicycles with electric assistance, however, could.

New diesel and gasoline vehicles will be prohibited by 2040, and electric cars will take their place as the "standard." Some of us are currently working to implement this method of transportation.

With most models reaching 20 to 30 kilometres on a charge, e-bikes are a green way to get about town. E-bikes for Christmas are a terrific present if you have a commuter on your list since they enable them to go to their destination—whether it's to work, home, or anyplace else. 

6.A gift that could help improve their social engagement

E-bike users are friendly, gregarious, and passionate about their activity. Biking may be a terrific approach to entering new social circles if you're trying to meet unique individuals. There are a ton of meetup groups online that are focused on organizing bike rides.

If you know someone who has moved to a new city, regardless of their age or level of physical fitness, giving them an electric bike might be a huge help in meeting new people and getting to know their new area.

Thinking About the Price? 

Individuals like yourself who may want to purchase an e-bike as a gift for someone this season are sometimes taken aback by the bike's price.

But even though this might be a sizable upfront expenditure, the good news is that after purchasing one for your loved one, you will be happy you went on with the purchase. As you give them the bike, you’ll see their eyes filled with joy and excitement. 

Frequently Asked Question

Are e-bikes an excellent Christmas present for a loved one?

Absolutely! Electric bikes are great for people who want to stay active and don't have the time or energy to ride their bikes traditionally. In addition, this is a practical gift because it will last much longer than any other gifts you may get someone during the holidays! So if you're looking for something that lasts, this is it!

Is an e-bike the perfect gift for a 12-year-old for Christmas?

Yes, electric bikes are a great gift for a 12-year-old. Not only are e-bikes fun, but they can also help teach the importance of environmental stewardship. With the right size and safety gear, it's a great way to get your young one outdoors and explore the world.

Will an e-bike make a great gift for the elderly?

Absolutely! An electric bike is a great gift for an older adult. They can go farther and faster than ever before while also benefiting from the convenience of not having to worry about pedaling uphill. Plus, it can be excellent to keep them active.

How Far Can Electric Bikes Go?

An e-bike could allow you to travel further than you might have on a regular bike, as they require less effort to ride. In addition, people often cycle greater distances on them, as they have more energy.

However, you are limited by the battery life of your electric bike. These should be charged overnight so that they can be used every day, and they can also be remotely charged anywhere there is a plug socket or computer.

Are Electric Bikes Eco-Friendly?

Despite what some people think, electric bikes are good for the environment. They don't release harmful gases, and their batteries can be recycled, so they help keep the planet clean. In addition, riding an electric bike instead of driving a car is a much greener option, considering all the carbon emissions that cars produce.

What is so special about E-bikes?

An e-bike may travel further than a standard bike. E-bikes are not intrinsically hazardous as traditional bicycles. E-bikes are safer than traditional bikes because they can accelerate faster and go at higher speeds to keep up with traffic in tight situations. They also offer some level of health benefits especially for the elderly.

Is an electric bike suitable for daily use?

Although they may also be used as adventure bikes for half-day or full-day adventures, commuter e-bikes are best for leisurely rides and everyday use on bike lanes.


Give your family members, friends or loved ones a sense of independence and fulfillment as they begin the new year. An electric bike is a present that will be appreciated for a long time.

An e-bike will provide them with the experience that the entire year has kept from them instead of purchasing a gift that may lose its value over time.

So, If you're looking for a unique and thoughtful Christmas gift, an e-bike is a great option. E-bikes are perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels and offer a fun and eco-friendly way to get around. Plus, with so many different styles and price points available, there's an e-bike to suit everyone's needs.

Here at NAKTO bikes, you can find a variety of e-bikes that are perfect for all ages and will make a great Christmas gift for that lovely person close to your heart. Click here to shop for one now!

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