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A Father's Day Gift Guide: Why An Electric Bike Is A Perfect Present For Your Dad?

JUNE 12, 2024


Fathers are considered to be the epitome of support in their child’s life. To celebrate their contributions, struggles, and hard work to shape their young one’s future, Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. In 2024, it falls on June 16. Several types of gifts are brought as a gesture of acknowledgment and gratefulness for leaving no stone unturned in keeping the family happy. According to Sunnyside Manor, there are 70.1 million dads in the United States. Furthermore, the most popular Father’s Day presents are cards, clothing (including neckties), and special outdoor activities.

If you have been thinking of doing something unique on Father’s Day 2024, then how about purchasing an electric bike from Nakto as a Father’s Day gift?

Allow the blog to explain the benefits of an electric bike, features to consider when choosing an electric bike, and the top electric bike models for Father’s Day gifts. 

The Benefits Of An Electric Bike For Your Dad

Why should you gift an electric bike to your father on Father’s Day? Because this vehicle will help keep your big guy healthy, happy, and active. The transportation medium provides an amazing package that consists of eco-friendliness, convenience, and exercise. The manufacturing of the e-bike is such that it is compatible with dads of all ages and fitness levels. We know you are super curious to know the benefits, so they are as follows:

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Effortless Riding and Less Physical Strain 

With time, dads age, and that process becomes a barrier for them to enjoy cycling. Hence, keeping this factor in mind, electric bikes offer motorized assistance that removes the burden from joints and knees. This ease serves as permission to ride on hills, cover longer distances, and headwinds. When your father experiences comfort, he will feel encouraged to go far, motivating him to remain active.

Moreover, the less physical strain will act as an invitation to explore new landscapes which he avoided before due to age. Therefore, when the electric bikes are designed to eradicate the strain, then your dads won’t get exhausted during the ride too.

That’s why you should visit Nakto and see the wide range of electronic bike varieties the store has.

Increased Mobility and Range

Did your father ever stop you from exploring undiscovered horizons? We bet no! So, the same is expected from you as well. Therefore, gifting him with electric bikes will be the perfect option as the resource boosts your father’s mobility, giving him the ticket to go to new places and cover extensive ranges. The bike will remove the fear of not being able to ride far. Once on the bike, he can commute to work, execute duties that seemed a challenge before, and pamper himself with weekend getaway trips.

Hence, Nakto has stocked the best electric bikes for all dads, and these are waiting for your investment. 

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Convenience and Ease Of Use

Electric bikes steal the limelight with the option of adjusting the vehicle according to your convenience. Yes, you read that right. Your father won’t have to struggle with assistance and intensity levels. Multiple electric bike features, such as pedal assist and throttle control, will not hinder your father’s bike ride. Some days, his mood might be to go for a leisure ride, while some days, the heart’s wish would be to pen down thrilling adventures. The vehicle does not get impacted due to uneven surfaces as the tires bond well with tough and smooth landscapes. So, at least the tension that the bike might break down won’t be there. Your father will love the journey. 

Exercise Opportunites and Health Benefits

If your father is a health enthusiast, then electric bikes are your calling. Don’t assume that the motor’s availability will aid him here, as pedaling is still required. Your dad’s exercise will not be compromised because the electric bike’s electric assistance will empower his efforts, not eradicate it. Cycling regularly escalates your cardiovascular health, makes the heart stronger, and tones muscles, hence if he plans a regular outdoor cycling plan with the electric bike, then his workout schedule is set.

One of the major reasons that Nakto’s electric bikes are famous amongst their clientele is that the bikes are a good resource for exercising and benefit health as well.

Affordability and Cost-Effectiveness

While purchasing gifts for anyone, the first question that pops up is how much the thing will cost. Is it under your budget or breaking the bank? Should you switch to purchasing something that does not cost an arm or leg? What about its maintenance? In the case of buying a gift for the occasion of Father’s Day 2024, the electric bike will not demand your entire savings. The substitute takes the lead when it comes to affordability. In the city, every now and then, you get stuck in traffic, where you ignore the option of switching off the bike's engine. Electric bikes have solved this issue, too. The vehicle blesses you with the advantages of being eco–friendly in nature. This part equips you to commute easily from work to home and vice versa. When your father rides the bike, he won’t get stuck in traffic as that mini-vehicle can avoid the congestion, which saves money on gas, too. An electric bike will keep him active and fresh, and he wants to ride more. Where maintenance is affordable, fathers are bound to become fans of such options. Can you come up with a better Father’s Day gift? We think not!

Since people have shifted to purchasing eco-friendly products, Nakto has built electric bikes that are advocates of green trends and save you from hours of traffic that consumes your vehicle’s energy. And that’s why, bike fans book their favorite type at the platform. 

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Features To Consider When Choosing An Electric Bike For Your Dad

Since we have discussed the several benefits of getting an electric bike for your dad on Father’s Day 2024 as a Father’s Day gift, now it's time to talk about the features you should consider when choosing an electric bike for your dad. What can they be? Let’s find out:

Battery Life and Charging Options 

Before finalizing your decision to purchase, you make a list of necessary requirements that have to be present in the item you are looking for. In the situation of electric bikes, ensure that you select the one that has a lasting battery life and charging options. Why? Durable battery life means that your father can enjoy long solo road trips or with friends. There will be no tension at the back of the mind that the battery is low, the bike will stop, and your father will be left stranded in the middle of nowhere. Confirm what range the electric bike can cover after a single charge and how much time it will take to give you the best results. Laying hands on second-hand bikes will let you down due to limited battery life, which takes ages to charge, too, so what will you prefer? The former or the latter?

On the other hand, charging options are equally necessary. Suppose the battery does get low and there is still some distance to cover to get to the charging spot, what will your father do? Therefore, learn the nearest points that can be reached without hindrance, and as a backup try to acquire spare batteries so your old man can easily replace the battery and resume the journey.

Nakto has it all! The shop has been selling electric bikes that have long-lasting battery life and extensive charging options, so customers don’t worry about experiencing low battery and limited charging.  

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Comfort and Suitability For Different Terrains

Does your dad love cycling but prioritize comfort and a smooth ride across varied terrains? An electric bike might be the perfect fit!

Electric bikes offer pedal assistance, making even challenging terrain more manageable. But beyond the motor, look for a bike with adjustable features like the seat and handlebars. This allows your dad to customize his riding position for maximum comfort, ensuring a pleasurable experience on every adventure.

Besides that, the bike should have suspension systems that assist in lowering the percentage of shocks and vibrations so that your father experiences a smooth trip, especially if he is an off-road adventure seeker.

Landscapes also vary in texture, so avoid getting an electric bike that disappoints on rough surfaces, as an adventure fan will desire to drive everywhere. The option should facilitate you on all kinds of surfaces, whether the path is for mountain biking or urban commuting. Rugged and slick tires will be your best option to surprise your father, as that will encourage him to ride everywhere.

Electric bike compatibility serves to be a crucial factor as that determines which roads you can hit without the stress of damaging the bike and yourself, hence Nakto gets the maximum votes as electric bikes offer the utmost comfort and suitability.

Durability and Safety Features 

Make Father’s Day 2024 special for him by gifting him an electric bike that does not see day or night. We mean that you must search for a bike that is durable and has safety features that help you enjoy the ride and not think a thousand times before starting it.

Remember your father’s cycling activities and how he would like his dream electric bike to be. Hunt for options that have a sturdy frame, manufactured out of premium quality materials that guarantee durability. The braking system should be prompt and efficient, such as a hydraulic model, that provides you the authority to stop and keep you safe when you have to push the brakes out of the blue.

Apart from that, the electric bike should carry essential features like lights, reflectors, and fenders that elevate visual power so your father does not encounter poor visibility in low-lit areas. You cannot rely on other drivers to be careful, but you can definitely think about your father’s safety.

For this reason, too, people come over to Nakto to purchase electric bikes for their loved ones as the store provides customers with the benefit of safety features that assist them in a comfortable trip, even if the road is not well-lit. 

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User-Friendly Design and Control

Do you use any device or vehicle that has a challenging design, and the control buttons are hard to navigate? Similarly, look for electric bikes for your father that don't confuse him. The navigation tools should be easy to figure out. So your father can switch between power levels plus the panel must be clear to display the battery level, assistance modes, and other settings without testing his patience. Since it is a Father’s Day gift, take notes regarding user-friendly design and control because nothing should act as a barrier in a seamless bike journey.

Over here, Nakto takes the lead as other bike companies don’t look after such minute details, but these do impact the quality of the ride. Hence, bike lovers are always found in the shop to purchase electric bikes with user-friendly designs and manageable controls. 

Price and Affordability

What kind of electric bike is in your mind that will make your Father’s Day unique? The price range varies according to the number of features, quality, and the components put together. Take 3-4 models and compare the quotes and the features each one has to offer. That will give you a better idea of which electric bike suits your budget and what will surprise him more, keeping his activities in mind.

Nakto is an expert when it comes to pricing and affordability as their electric bikes are of different variations that emerge with multiple budget ranges.

Top Electric Bike Models For Father’s Day Gifts 

Are you still confused about what electric bike models will be the best gift for your father? Don't worry as we have stepped in to clear your doubts.

Nakto Camel Men

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If you are gifting for commuting purposes, then Nakto Camel Men is the right pick.

The electric bike has the following features:

●Motor: 250W/350W

●Battery: 36V 10A

●Charging Time: 4-5 hours

●Range: 32miles

Nakto F2

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For dads who are attracted to technicalities, their children can purchase Nakto F2. The bike has the following features:

Motor: 500W

Battery: 48V 16A

Charging Time: 4-5 hours

Range: 60miles

Nakto F4

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For dads who prefer spacious cargo areas, purchase Nakto F4 for them.

They will facilitate through the following features:

●Motor: 750W

●Battery: 48V 20A

●Charging Time: 4-5 hours

●Range: 60miles

Nakto Santa Monica

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For dads who go for leisure rides, Nakto Santa Monica is for them:

●Motor: 500W

●Battery: 48V 10A

●Charging Time: 4-5 hours

●Range: 60miles


We hope that now you are convinced about which bikes you should purchase for your father to gift him on Father’s Day 2024. Therefore, Nakto’s doors are open for you, where you can explore a wide range of electric bikes and opt for the one that ticks all your requirements. 

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