Spring ride is going on! All of us are enjoying this wonderful moment
Want to retain the wonderful life? Now keep a record of your wonderful time with NAKTO.

You just need:


1.Share your post on Facebook and @NAKTO (home page with logo). Using hashtag #naktoebike#ebike#ebikelifeAnd the post should be with the link: www.ebikes.com.

2.Share your post on Instagram and @naktoebikes. Using hashtag #naktoebike#ebike#ebikelife. The post should be with the link: www.ebikes.com.

3. Invite 10 friends to like you.

4. Find our facebook page  and follow it. 

5. Find our instagram page and follow it.



First-prize winner--Get a cute orange pony to deiver to home.

Second-prize winner--Get a foldable lock

Third-prize winner--Get 100USD discount directly.



1.Pictures and words are original, no plagiarism, malicious discourse, violation of law and other undesirable speech in society.

2.Entries will be judged based on three equally-weighted criteria: creativity, originality, and overall Radness (or in legal-speak- style savvy).

3.The contest entries will be accepted until Oct 30 at 11:59 p.m. PST.


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