Spring Riding With NAKTO

Big discount for you

"Every year, the cold of winter melts away and spring brings a new beginning. We ride in the spring to explore, it is an amazing and enjoyable experience. Riding our camel to breathe free air, touch the flower. We feel we have a new life! At that time, we hope the epidemic goes away"                           



After a winter of semi-hibernation, maybe you’re thinking about using your bike to get around or add some outdoor exercise to your daily routine. When that first glorious spring morning of warm weather arrives, with the first hint of warmth in the air, it’s time to prepare for a spring riding. Rip off our leg-warmers to reveal pallid, pale skin and head out the door, bring your bike along for the ride. Driving somewhere remote, new, exciting. Feeling the fresh air whizzes through the vents in your helmet. Taking the scenic route to enjoy a new sight.


Choose the bike that suits you and your family, we will provide huge discounts, Nakto fully supports your spring riding. 


Enjoy 30USD for 1 bike. Discount Code: SPRING001

Enjoy 80USD for 2 bikes. Discount Code: SPRING002

Deadline 04 \ 15 \ 2021, Hurry up!!!

Don’t forget to take photos of the Nakto Spring Cycling. Record the good time with your family. We all have good expectations and visions for tomorrow. We believe that all good luck will come soon.

Now, let us join spring riding and start a new life.


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