This is our brand classic and high quality city commute electric bike. 

To find any EBike with the same quality for even close our NAKTO EBIKE price...It is just not possible!  Don't hesitate to begin your exploration!

The NAKTO CAMEL 26" is a versatile commuting bike

250W mid-drive motor fits perfectly within the e-bike’s carbon frame.The motor reacts to the pressure exerted by the rider on the pedals to produce the power you instinctively require. This leads to a great feeling of lightness and freedom when riding.

NAKTO CITY EBIKE WITH a 250 watt motor, this bike can offer good speed. The brushless motor ensures you have a smooth and noise free ride even when on full throttle.

6-speed Shimano rear gears transmission also leverage the power of the mid-drive motor to give you outstanding control with virtually 6 different torque levels. The CAMEL 26" can be ridden on any terrain, from smooth city pavements to small rough trails. It is also equipped with strong Shimano  disk brakes.

6 Speed – You can easily shift between 6 different speeds on this bike. The SHIMANO gear set makes it very easy and convenient to shift gears as you ride.

Battery 36V10AH lithium ,it is very easy to charge with in 4 hours,range 40-45km with pedal assistant.Max speed reach to 25-28km/h.

LED headlight and fashion steel frame design offering plenty of power and fun.,comfortable & adjusted seat post fits any height's need and front shock suspension,easily assists you to enjoying your riding time!


There are two design for NAKTO Camel Ebikes,Click the picture to buy For Women Design 


For Man Design


How to install the NAKTO Camel EBIKES


Tips: Please keep the battery keys carefully, each battery has their own keys, there are not any replacement keys.If the key lost,the only way is to buy another battery box.

For any other questions please email or call us

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