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Are you a blogger who is doing affiliate marketing ? Are you a content creator that wants to use ebikes to make something awesome? Are you a part of an organization looking to auction off one of our ebikes for a good cause? Is your company looking to do some co-branded marketing campaigns? Are you something else entirely? Or do you just want to share your stories of NAKTO?

We want to hear from all of your stories with NAKTO.We love working with YouTube channels, bloggers, companies, non-profits, and everything in-between. If you're interested in working with us, please contact us now!

*Due to the number of applications we receive, we could not respond to any emails. But our team reviews everycapplication we receive, so don't be shy.

NAKTO Electric Bikes views our partners as members of our team that play a massive role in the growth of our brand. By partnering with NAKTO, you’re part of the electric bike revolution!

We generally partner with content creators or mission-aligned organizations, but if you do something NAKTO that doesn't quite fit into one of these categories, feel free to apply anyway and let your NAKTO ebikes speak for themselves.

Content partnerships generally consist of videos, images, words, or art about our ebikes that you create, share with your audience, and send to us to use on our channels. While we do have some guidelines around these, our content creators have the freedom to create, be themselves, and make the content that fits their style and helps grow their audience.

We also love getting involved with organizations that align with our company's mission to promote accessible, sustainable, and alternative forms of transportation. While the exact structure of a donation partnership can vary, typically they involve us donating an ebike for auctions, prizes, or fundraisers.

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