Why More Women Join E-bike Riding

NOV 21, 2022


Ebike riding has become a hot trend not just among men but women too. These electric bicycles are now a go-to means of transportation for women because they come with some impressive benefits.


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It’s pretty hard to miss the fact that electric bikes have become one of the most sought-after means of commuting. Thanks to their advantages, people from different genders and ages were quick to hop on the ebike riding trend. When it comes to the females, there has been a significant rise in the number of women using ebikes not just because it’s trending but because there are so many pros attached.

It isn't a secret how worrying the traffic situation and gas prices are in many cities. On the more eco-friendly side, traditional bicycles are too hectic to move around with so it definitely isn’t going to be a woman’s first choice for commuting. Ladies need to move around a lot! Even after heading to school or work on weekdays, weekends also call for some running around be it for family or personal reasons. Female electric bikes just make moving around very hassle-free and comfortable so it’s a good alternative to other modes of transportation.

That being said, let’s have a look at some major reasons why more women are joining in ebike riding and why you should too. 

10 Reasons Why Women Choose Ebikes

1) Refreshing Commute Experience

A mode of commuting that allows any lady to have her makeup, hair, and outfit intact when arriving at any location has to be a win in their books. The most common means of transportation in most cities are by bus and train if you don’t have a private vehicle.

This means that every day on your way to work or school, you’re likely to have your clothes rumpled and sweaty with your makeup smudging a bit because there are just too many people in one place making it clustered and hot. Then what about the long minutes and sometimes hours you spend on the road due to traffic whilst inside a bus or train? Before ebikes were introduced, you wouldn’t have a choice but to brave it and spend the first few minutes in the bathroom putting yourself together.

It’s not hard to see why so many women now choose to commute with an ebike because it allows them to journey to their place of work or school looking and smelling great. 

2) Cut Cost On Daily Expenses

When we talk about daily expenses, we mean fueling your vehicle, car maintenance, parking, transport fares, and even your time and energy. Ebikes obviously don’t need fuel to work instead with $1 or less, you can charge your battery full and it’ll take you through your day.

Also, maintaining an ebike isn't a hassle especially when you store them properly and treat the batteries with care. How about time and energy saving? Well, commuting with an ebike allows you to get to your destination quicker whilst saving time from being stuck in traffic and energy from rushing to catch a bus or train.

You might be thinking about the cost of these female ebikes and let us tell you that even though they might seem quite expensive, they are a worthy investment. For example, the cost of commuting daily with public transport or maintaining your vehicle for a year alone would probably be enough to get yourself a Nakto Camel women’s step-thru ebike. The pedal assist, battery and motor capacity of this female ebike will make commuting stress-free so the price tag is worth it. 

3) Get Fit And Improve Your Immune System 

Staying active and fit is important to your overall health. Unlike regular bikes, electric bikes provide the perfect opportunity to get enough cardiovascular activity without feeling too exhausted. Sitting down for long hours at work or school and then on the ride home 5-6 days a week tells on your physical health.

This is why ebikes are amazing because you get to enjoy the benefits of cycling daily and even when you’re too exhausted, you can tweak the pedal assist to get more support. There are 5 pedal assists on female ebikes that can be adjusted to allow women to put more effort into pedaling to get some lower body workout whilst on their way to get some groceries or getting back from work. This is a win-win situation for ladies because they wouldn’t have to squeeze in time to get to the gym.

That being said, a good amount of physical activity also helps to boost your immune system ensuring that your body is healthy enough to fight diseases. The Nakto Classic female electric bike comes with a very handy basket that allows you to carry water, smoothie, and fruits on days when you cycle around a bit and want to rest in a cool spot. 

4) Improved Mental Health

The realization of how crucial mental health is in today’s society is satisfying to see. So many women struggle with their mental and emotional health because there are just so many expectations placed on their shoulders. So many times, as a lady, you just need to take a breather to re-organize your thoughts and get away from your responsibilities a bit. It could be from your kids, husband, work, and so on. A fail-proof way to do this is to do a physical activity like yoga, pilates, and of course cycling alone or with friends. Such movements would increase your heart rate and make your blood circulate properly to your brain and other parts of your body.

You could take a detour on your way back from work and just cruise all the way home giving you a moment to enjoy some alone time before heading home.

Just like we mentioned earlier, moving around on your female ebike helps you stay fit mentally and physically without any harmful pressure on your lower body thanks to its pedal assist. 

5) New Means Of Socializing

Ebike riding has created another opportunity for women to socialize with each other which by the way is important for their emotional health. Since it’s like a chore to find time to meet with friends, you can form an ebike club where you and your friends ride to maybe a tennis court or yoga class. You all can also set fitness goals and take short rides through nature to empty your minds and discuss interesting topics.

You could also enjoy a ride around the neighborhood or to a store with your kids to get a few groceries and place them into your female ebike basket. Simple activities like these go a long way.

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6) Creates An Opportunity To Be Adventurous

Ebikes come in various types to suit your cycling needs. You could decide to go on a ride through the woods to discover some hidden spots with an ebike that allows you to pass through difficult terrains. You could also want to try primitive camping which allows you to show forth your inner adventurer. Conveniently carry your essentials by attaching a small wagon on a Nakto Stroller ebike and be on your way.

The confidence that your ebike can take you to your next adventure site and bring you back safely is second to none. 

7) Promotes the Green Environment

Electric bikes are one of the most convenient eco-friendly means of commuting. Just like male ebikes, the female version also runs on batteries meaning that the pedaling assistance they provide women doesn't cost the environment one bit. The world is already polluted as it is and being able to reduce this by commuting in an eco-friendly way makes lots of women choose ebikes.

Compared to how vehicle fumes contribute greatly to global warming and other climate changes, electric bikes are the best alternatives to commuting.

8) Reach More Places In Less Time

We’ve established the fact that women need to move around a lot. The responsibility of caring for the home means that you might find yourself stepping out more than 4 times a day and hopping into a vehicle every time to drive is draining.

Electric bikes have proven to be very handy when it comes to reaching farther distances in less time allowing you to meet up with your daily tasks that involve commuting. Taking the Nakto City Stroller ebike for instance, you can go up to 20 miles an hour which is very impressive.

9) Carry Extra Necessities

Electric bikes can also be said to be ladies' new best friends because they can carry extra items for you. Stopping by the fruit market after work is easy because you can just place them in the basket added in most female ebikes. You could also attach a wagon to conveniently carry your kids from school or to carry heavy loads. The best part is that carrying some items doesn't put more pressure on you when pedaling. 

10) Easy To Use

Lastly, another impressive reason women choose to ride with ebikes is that it’s easy to get a hang of. You don’t need to spend weeks learning how to ride them like cars or other vehicles. There are easy-to-understand manuals on how to clean them, charge the battery, store them, and so on. Women have enough on their minds and understanding the complexity of a new means of transportation shouldn’t be one of them.


Q 1: Do women's bikes have a crossbar?

Yes, female electric bikes have a crossbar but they’re not as high as those of male ebikes. The main use of a crossbar is to provide extra structural support to the frame of the bike between the handlebar and the seat post.

Female crossbars are low and narrow and part of this reason is from the olden days when women wore skirts and gowns. For ease when getting on with skirts/gowns, the bike designs of those days were built with lower and slimmer crossbars that made it easy for women. It’s safe to say the design stood the test of time.

Q 2: Can a woman ride a man's bike?

Yes, women can ride most ebikes made for men but there are some differences when it comes to the bike’s features that would make it quite uncomfortable. For example, the saddle, handle, and crossbar would make it more hectic for a lady to enjoy the ebike ride because they’re taller and built for a male body. These feature differences would cause a strain on the shoulders, knees, butt, and other parts of the body. This isn’t to say that women can’t from time to time try riding a male ebike as long as it’s not for a long distance.

Q 3: Can pregnant women bike ride?

Yes, pregnant women can ride female ebikes as long as they follow certain precautions. Cycling is a very good way to get some movement whilst pregnant because even medically it’s important to exercise. The different levels of pedal assist allow pregnant women to carefully move around their neighborhood and enjoy the outdoors. The major fear of cycling when pregnant is falling, which is why you should get an ebike that has good balance and options to adjust the saddle to make it more comfortable to sit properly. Also, choose easy routes and have your phone on speed dial in case of emergencies.

NAKTO Female Ebikes

The demand for female ebikes has increased and choosing to use a brand like Nakto that has built a strong reputation for producing quality and stylish electric bikes for both male and female riders according to their cycling needs is key. There are so many female ebikes available for you to choose from including the Nakto Classic, Camel Step-Thru, and many more; just take your pick.

In conclusion, female ebike riding isn’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future because it’s just so convenient for commuting. Ladies, if you haven't gotten started with ebike riding, there’s still time to get on the bandwagon.

You can easily place your order right here and you’ll be glad you did!