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Top 10 US Cities Experiencing the Fastest Growth in Bike Commuting

April 15, 2024


There is no doubt that the US is experiencing the fastest growth in bike commuting. Regardless of gender, the mode of transport is used by both males and females. According to Gitnux, in the United States, 22% of trips are either done on foot or bike. The largest number of bike commuters residing in the US fall in the age bracket between the ages of 18-34. 65% of the bicycle commuters are male and 35% are female. People who commute to work by bicycle have a 53% lower risk of dying because of cardiovascular disease.

Looking at the health benefits and how steadily citizens are incorporating the transport mode into their lifestyle, it is needless to say that bike commuting has successfully attracted locals in different cities.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 US cities that are experiencing the fastest growth in bike commuting.

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Oregon’s Portland

The first city on the list is Oregon’s Portland. The city is popular for its vibrant and scenic views. Besides that, the city boasts about its vast green spaces, from parks and forests to startling mountain tops, and is a very bike-friendly region. Oregon is proud to be one of the 10 states to follow the League’s ‘bike friendly actions’ that include Complete Streets policy, a safe passing law, a statewide bike plan, spending 2% or more of federal transportation money on biking and walking and having a bicycle safety emphasis area.

You will be amazed to know that they have constructed separate pathways for bicyclists with individual lanes as they value pedestrians and bikers over car drivers. Portland has made 15 intersections with green bike boxes. The purpose of the bike boxes is to prevent accidents between motorists who want to turn to the left and cyclists who want to use bike lanes.

They work in this manner: when the light turns red it is a sign for the bicyclists to stop inside the green box. Motorists have to stop at the white line behind the box. Then bicyclists are allowed to turn right at the bike box intersection, whereas drivers can’t. The green light permits the bicyclists to move according to their way.

Locals of Portland enjoy taking part in multiple Bike riding events that keep them engaged throughout the year:

●Worst Day Of The Year Ride in March

●Tweed Ride in April

●Sunday Parkways in May-September

●Pedalpalooza in June-September

●Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride in August

●Bridge Pedal In August

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Minnesota Minneapolis 

The next in line we have is Minnesota’s Minneapolis. The city holds the title of being the most bikeable city in the US since it comprises more infrastructure for bikes when compared to other states. That is mainly because of the extensive variety of resources that exist in the shape of restaurants, hangout spots, and other entertainment options open in many neighborhoods. Therefore an average person makes the most out of the wide range within five minutes, opening a spacious landscape for bikers to reach any of these relaxing facilities.

The ‘city of lakes’ comes forward with 16 miles of on-street protected bikeways accompanied by 98 miles of bike lanes and 101 miles of off-street bikeways and trails. Two-thirds of the residents report that they use bicycles to commute to school, buy groceries, or visit a park. You will be impressed to know that on an average basis, 4% of the residents ride a bicycle to work, which makes the figure the highest bicycle commuting rate in the country.

The residents enjoy the commuting option as new substitutes have been emerging.

Nice Ride Bike Share
Gives more access to a bicycle, which can be easily used for one-way trips and connections to transit.

Electric-Assist Bicycles
Acts as a stable assistant so that people ride up hills or in windy weather, can go farther, or carry bulk weight without getting imbalanced.

Adaptive Bicycles
The manufacturers did not stop thinking about the people with disabilities, hence adaptive bicycles are for the ones who otherwise had issues when driving the normal vehicles.

Shared Scooters
Shared scooters have swiftly gathered a lot of votes as people prefer having them as they are quite effective in the first and last connections for transit access.

According to recent reports Minnesota has launched a Rebate Program to encourage E-bike adoption. The city is taking the initiative to encourage people to buy E-bikes for business and personal uses with a cost-effective side and other benefits.

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Washington’s Seattle 

You all must be well familiar with Washington’s Seattle. The city is widely recognized for Starbucks, groovy music scenario, headquarters of Amazon and Microsoft, SpaceNeedle, hiking, kayaking, and the evergreen trees that give it the nickname of Emerald City too.

Besides this, the city possesses one of the first bicycle routes. It becomes a part of the already existing larger part that runs across the US. The commuting channel plays a pivotal role in Washington’s transportation system. Moreover, were you aware of the fact that Washington was titled as the number one ‘Bicycle Friendly State? No right? Well, the League of American Bicyclists named them this which they retained for 7 years consecutively. The reason was that the routes provided sufficient space to roam around with your bike.

According to the Seattle Bike Blog, the state shares a score of 62 out of 100 in the bike-friendly ranking, moving it to the third position.

As mentioned above Washington is labeled as a bicycle-friendly state, therefore to maintain that distinction there are five best bike ride trails in Seattle such as:

●Elliott Bay Trail

●Bainbridge Island

●Lake Union Loop

●Interurban Trail (North)

●Burke-Gilman Trail

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California’s SanFrancisco

We are sure reading the name of the city must have reminded you of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, steep streets, and of course, the hit TV show Full House.

In the category of biking, the locals enjoy biking and witness breathtaking scenic views and landscapes that are impossible to view when riding in a car or bus. Even when tourists visit the city, they are too recommended to explore the land on bikes as then they can make the most out of watching the very famous tourist sites: Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street.

San Francisco takes immense pride in providing the ideal infrastructure for riding bikes. The government has made sure to design individual paths like dedicated lanes, with sufficient shoulder space to refrain from any sort of collision among bike riders, and this grants safety and accessibility which further encourages the bikers to be a part of the healthy activity.

Bike riding saves the residents from many problems like looking for a parking spot that consumes much of your time and energy when driving a car and even when there is a traffic jam, bicyclists don’t have to struggle as they can easily move about.

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Aurora, Colorado

Military enthusiasts might be familiar with the city of Aurora. Yes as the city has Buckley Airforce Base. That base is recognized to play a crucial role in the nation’s defense. Besides that, it is regarded as a fun-friendly community to raise kids with the best mannerisms.

In terms of E-bikes, there are many trails for biking allowing the locals to enjoy a warm sunny day and maintain their physical health too. The names of the trails are as follows:

●Aurora Reservoir Trail

●Smokey Hill Trail and Parker Road Trail Loop

●Toll Gate Creek Trail

●Sand Greek Railway Trail

●Cherry Creek Reservoir Loop Trail

●Cherry Creek Rail To Expo Park

●High Line Canal

In Colorado, E-bikes have been classified into three classes:

Class 1

An electric bicycle that only provides assistance when the rider is pedaling.

Class 2

An electric bicycle that provides assistance regardless of whether the rider is pedaling.

Class 3

An electric bicycle that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling. It must be equipped with a speedometer. 

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Washington DC

The city where the White House is located is also known to be one of the most bike-friendly states. Why? Because over 18,000 residents commute to work using bikes. The land comes forward with its numerous web of bike lanes, flat surfaces, and trails. The number of people and the smooth lanes for bicyclists provide enough evidence why the city is famous for its cycling part.

A well-designed bike infrastructure has contributed to the city flaunting being on the top spot for bike share resources in the region.

Let’s have a quick glance at the biking trails the city has to offer:

Anacostia Riverwalk Trail

Baltimore and Annapolis Trail

BWI Trail

Four Mile Run Trail

Mount Vernon Trail

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Illinois Chicago

So what does Illinois Chicago have in store for you? Let’s discuss. The city is famous for its unique architecture, music scene that compels you to groove on every beat, and the deep dish pizza that attracted many citizens, from beyond the States as well.

Furthermore, the city holds the second-highest percentage of commuters riding their bikes to work. Consisting of 303 miles of bike lanes. 19 miles of lakefront bicycle paths along Lake Michigan with 13,000+ bike racks.

The city enjoys the rank of being one of the most bike-friendly cities. Credits go to the infrastructure planners who kept on developing new lanes for bicyclists to avoid car collisions and promote the transport medium as it also helps in maintaining the health of the people.

Therefore the city has witnessed a significant growth in bikes because of the great infrastructure.

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Massachusetts's Boston

Massachusett also takes the lead when it comes to discussing the fastest bike growth. The city is famous for higher education, technology, and deep History. The residents commute on bikes and you will be surprised to know that Boston and Massachusetts are thought to be one of the best places for cyclists in the Commonwealth due to their competent infrastructure. 

New York City

New Yorkers too commute on E-bikes. The city has laid down multiple miles of bike lanes, greenways, and parks, and avoid public transportation by biking to work or school. E-bikes, or electric bicycles, are becoming increasingly popular in NYC. They offer a convenient and less physically demanding way to navigate the city's busy streets. This is particularly appealing for commuters with longer distances or hilly terrains.

The city has recognized the potential of cycling and is actively expanding its cycling infrastructure. This includes:

Protected Bike Lanes: These lanes are physically separated from car traffic, providing a safer and more comfortable environment for cyclists.

Greenways and Parks: Creating dedicated greenways and incorporating bike paths within parks provides attractive and scenic commuting routes.

●Increased Bike Parking: Having ample and secure bike parking options encourages people to choose cycling over driving, knowing their bikes will be safe during the workday.

Increased Bike Parking: Having ample and secure bike parking options encourages people to choose cycling over driving, knowing their bikes will be safe during the workday.

New York City

Sacramento, California

Sacrament has earned the award for silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community award and 240 miles of mostly flat bike lanes and counting. It celebrates being a cycling city. 


With this, we have reached the conclusion of the blog and hope you have received sufficient knowledge regarding the top 10 US cities experiencing the fastest bike growth. Having that said, we urge you to take a look at Natko and experience the diversity of E-bikes the platform offers. 

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