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Things You Need to Know about Motorized Bike 

Years ago, motorized bikes were a new concept. Many people were not even familiar with what is a motorized bicycle. Motorized bikes were bulky and expensive machines with many inconveniences and limited battery life. Slowly, they become improved. Today, motorized bikes are lighter, more attractive, and more powerful than ever. Today, it is unnecessary for a person to be physically fit to ride a motorized bike. They can quickly get you outside, reduce traffic overcrowding, and shrink your carbon footprint. Besides this, riding an motorized bike is fun. 

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What is Motorized Bike? 
History of Motorized Bikes.
Legal Status of Different Countries. 
Benefits of Motorized Bikes.
Who Should use a Motorized Bike? 
Motorized Bike vs. Electric Bike.
Frequently Asked Questions About Motorized Bike.

  1. What is Motorized Bike?

If you have an idea about the motorized bike, it sounds good. However, you need to know your requirements and just buy the best-motorized bike according to your needs. Before further discussing choosing the best bike for you, we would like to overview a motorized bicycle briefly.

A motorized bike is similar to a simple bicycle. The only difference is using a motor-operated through electric or gas power. Unlike other vehicles, designed or manufactured with lights, faring, speedometer, and everything else that you may be expecting to come from a factory model, motorized bikes are handmade. Motorized bikes can be as simple as a simple engine kit fitted to a bicycle and as complex as a factory-built motorbike. However, its assembly is the only aspect that sets them apart from other motorized vehicles.

2. History of Motorized Bikes.

If you also want to know about the invention of the motorized bike, you can get a brief historical overview explaining how and when the motorized bicycles or bikes were set to be used. But you have to keep an idea in mind that motorized bikes of today are entirely different than that from the motorized ones used in the early periods. The motorized bike experiments began late in the 19th century when it was tried attaching a steam engine to a tricycle or quadricycles. And the first actual motorized bicycle is usually considered the French motorized bike invented in 1868.

Following the French motorized bike, the American Roper steam velocipede of 1869 was introduced. It was built by Sylvester H. Roper of Roxbury, Massachusetts. Gradually, the concept flourished further. Year after year, many changes were implanted in the bicycles to make them motorized bicycles. Today, a motor designed with the latest technology trends is used to add or fit into the bicycle to make it a motorized bike. But today, we see motorized bikes are still designed with both options as complete designs and add-on motor kits used for standard bicycles.

3. Legal Status of Different Countries 

Are you searching for motorized bikes' legal status? In what countries is it legal to ride motorized bikes? The below-given research will make you know in what countries motorized bikes are legal to ride on the roads:


According to NSW Australia, all petrol-powered bicycles are illegal on NSW roads and road-related areas, including shared paths, footpaths, cycle paths, and cycleways. The petrol-powered bicycles include bicycles with a petrol power engine attached before or after purchasing the bicycle. Also, bicycles powered by all other combustion engines are illegal in NSW.

However, it is allowed to ride a motorized bike on the roads in the rest of Australia. Specific rules and regulations also apply regarding the driving license. Therefore, people who want to ride motorized bicycles that are overpowered technically require a valid driving license to have a free ride on the Australian roads (where it is legal to drive).


The legal status of riding motorized bikes is different according to the rules and regulations of the different states of Canada. Currently, only eight states allow people to ride motorized bikes. Below is the detail of the states that allow motorized bikes:

British Colombia: British Colombia allows motorized bikes in the states that come with motors not exceeding 500W and have a maximum speed of 32 Kmh. Moreover, the rider must be older than 16 years of age and wear a helmet.

Alberta: The government of Alberta allows 12 years of age or older riders to ride motorized bikes.

Saskatchewan: Riders who want to ride motorized bikes must be older than 16 and require at least a learners' driving license.

Manitoba: Manitoba government allows motorized bike riding to riders of 16 years or above and riders must be enrolled in some stage of the class 5 drivers' license.

Ontario: According to Ontario's bike riding rules and regulations, bike riders must be older than 16 years of age and must wear helmets.

Quebec: Power-assisted bicycles are allowed to ride on the roads, but riders must be 14 years or above age. Riders below 18 years of age must possess a scooter or moped license.

New Brunswick: According to the "policy on electric motor driven cycles and electric bicycles," motorized bikes or e-bikes with rims larger than 9" (22cm) and the seat at least 27" (68cm) off the ground are allowed in the states. However, a headlight is required when traveling at night.

Nova Scotia: According to the rules and regulations set by Nova Scotia, a motorized or e-bike having two wheels (at least 35cm or 13") and four wheels (350cm) are allowed to ride. Also, an approved bicycle helmet with a chinstrap is required.


According to the rules and regulations on motorized bikes set by the government of France, people at least 14 years or above age are allowed to ride a motorized bike. In addition, the bike must be registered, and the rider without a full driving license must pass a test and receive a certificate. The test consists of a written exam and five hours of practical training. However, other rules and regulations may also apply according to the French government.

United Kingdom

You can ride a motorized bike in the UK if over 14 years old. However, there may be specific requirements you have to meet before riding a bicycle. Moreover, there is no need for a driving license, and it does not need to be insured, taxed, or registered.


In Japan, a motorized bicycle with a gasoline motor under 50cc with a maximum speed of 30 kmph is allowed to ride freely. However, the motorized bike must be registered and insured. Besides, the rules and regulations have set the age criteria according to which they must be 16 years or older.


According to Russian law, no people under 14 years of age can operate a motorized bicycle. However, the motorized bike must be 50cc with a 50-mph speed. Moreover, wearing a helmet is necessary to ride a motorized bike.

United States

Yes, motorized bikes are legal to operate or ride in the USA. However, the requirements and legislation may be different according to the rules and regulations of different US States. These requirements may include age, documents, and bicycle quality. Therefore, you need to confirm the requirements before buying or starting your bike riding expedition.

4. Benefits of Motorized Bikes 


It is considered that riding a motorized bicycle is safe when used or riding accordingly. For example, riding a motorized bicycle with all the necessary equipment is recommended. The necessary equipment may include a helmet, chinstrap, and other supports. When you ride a motorized bicycle with all the recommended or necessary equipment, you will surely have a safe riding experience. Moreover, motorized bikes are easy to ride and come with regulated speeds. So they won't be harmful to you.

Improved speed

It has been seen that most cyclists travel 10 to 12 mph; however, a motorized bike allows you to travel 20mph. So, motorized bicycles help you reach your destination faster than regular or traditional bicycles. Moreover, you can easily regulate the speed of a motorized bicycle according to your needs and requirements.

Eco friendly

Compared to other bikes, motorized bikes are considered eco-friendly. However, motorized bikes take fuel to run the internal engine, but they take the least amount of fuel to run than other bikes. In other words, compared to bikes and cars, a motorized bicycle produces a fraction of the Co2. Some crises take birth that a motorized bike with an internal combustion engine overthrow the purpose of riding a bicycle for environmental reasons. But experts have stated that the difference between a car and a motorized bicycle is still enormous.

Size and weight

When it comes to talking about the size of the motorized bike, we find motorized bikes of different sizes. You can easily choose the size that suits you. And motorized bikes also come in adjustable or customized sizes. For example, you can easily manage the size of your seat, frame, handle, and other accessories according to your needs.

Also, motorized bikes are available in 100 pounds and more weight. It depends upon your routine to ride a bike and the pathway on which you need to ride a bike. If you want to travel long or in the hilly areas, you should choose a bicycle with minimum weight.


It is considered that the maintenance of a motorized bike is easy compared to other regular bikes and motor vehicles. You can get the services of professionals to maintain your bike and maintain your motorized bicycle on your own.

You can start with checking the tires' pressure, which is the basic need to maintain your motorized bike. After this, you should check the PSI, primary gaskets, spark plug for wear and tear, carburettor, throttle cable adjustment, clutch adjustment, and fuel filter replacement. In the end, never forget to check the chain of your motorized bicycle.

License and Laws

Some countries and states ask for a driving license, driving learners, or other certificates to be eligible for riding a motorized bicycle on the roads. But other states and countries allow you to ride a motorized bike freely wherever you want.

Improves fitness

Some people think that motorized bikes take less effort to ride. But we would like to share an idea with you that it's not the reality. There is a study conducted by Brigham Young University and published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. It has been declared that people who ride electric bikes experience the same exercise as mountain bike riders experience without having any difficult workouts.

The fact behind riding a motorized bike is that riders still have to pedal, which results in burning your calories, helping enhance your physical and mental state.

Easy to learn and use

Riding a motorized bike is not rocket science. It is as easy as riding a regular or traditional bike. However, you need to know some additional things to help you get a safe and fantastic bike ride experience. First, ensure all the pre-checks before riding your motorized bike. If you have any doubts or confusion, you must consult professional trainers to know all the basics of motorized bike riding.


The research has shown that the motorized bike costs range from $400 to $2000, depending upon the specification of the motorized bike. Experts said that owning a car or other traditional bikes is expensive compared to buying a motorized bike. And a full gas or fuel tank is expensive for a car or traditional motorbike. You also need a driving license, registration, and insurance for your car and other traditional motorbikes. But there is no need for a driving license, registration, and insurance to own and ride a motorized bicycle.

You can have a safe ride in hilly areas

A motorized bicycle cannot only be used for your daily work routine purposes. You can also use them to make an expedition in hilly areas. While riding in hilly areas, you need more energy and techniques to make your ride successful. The motorized bikes help you in climbing without getting any difficulty.

Long life

Motorized bikes come with the most powerful and long-lasting bicycles. For example, a motorized bike can last from 3 to 10 years. The life of a motorized bike can also be increased when you maintain your bike performance. So, you won't have any problem with performance and replacing your bicycle.

The future of transportation

With its intelligent counterparts and many benefits, motorized bikes are becoming popular day after day. Today, motorized bikes or electric bikes are used worldwide in many ways. In 2019, the estimated market for electric bikes was $15.42 billion. And it is expected that the market of motorized bikes will be increased by 7.49% between 2020 and 2025 throughout the world.

5. Who Should use a Motorized Bike? 

A motorized bike can be used for a variety of purposes. We can use a motorized bike anywhere from our daily life routine to our recreation activities. We would like to inform you that today a large number of people are using motorized bikes for particular purposes. Below are some ideas and examples about who can use a motorized bike to facilitate themselves:

Delivery boy

As motorized bikes are affordable, safe, and the fastest way of transportation, they can be a good option for delivery occupations. The delivery boy needs to deliver a parcel, food, or other items at a specific time. So, they can perform a good duty while using a motorized bike.


Expeditioners always look for new adventures and funs in their life. If you are an expeditioner and want to make a new record in your expeditions, you can have a long tour or trip with a motorized bicycle.


Motorized bikes can be a good option for students. Students from high school to university can use a motorized bike to save time while reaching their institute. This will make you punctuate and help you enhance your body strength and physical and mental health.


Workers have also used motorized bikes. As they are faster and safest, they offer workers an excellent experience to reach their duties on time without wasting their time and without having any hard labour.

Workout professionals

Workout professionals who want to enhance their physical and mental fitness can ride a motorized bike. Remember that regular cycling practice and workouts will surely help you reach your fitness goals.

Professional cyclists

A professional cyclist who participates in cycling and other related sports can get good practice on motorized bikes. As these bikes are faster, safe, and flexible, they will surely give you a chance of good practice without hurting your body.

Urban citizens

A motorized bike can also be a good option for urban citizens. We find traffic and crowed on the roads, which can waste our precious time. So, using a motorized bike help pass from the crowd, helping save your time.

Mountain climber

When talking about mountain climbing, how can we forget the importance of a motorized bike? A motorized bike is also a good option for mountain climbers as it offers a fast, safe, and injury-free experience to mountain climbers when riding carefully or accurately.

Senior citizens

Senior citizens who want to get a safe transportation opportunity are advised to use a motorized bike. As it is easy to use and offers a safe riding experience, it can be a healthy option.

Pick and drop services

A Motorized bike helps you carry weight easily. So, if you have to provide your children with pick and drop services, a motorized bike is an excellent option for you. On the other hand, you can also carry some goods on your motorized bike.

6. Motorized Bike vs. Electric Bike

It is the simplest way to differentiate between an electric bike and a motorized bike with the simplest assessment of how they look and work. Both of the bikes look pretty similar to other traditional or regular bikes. However, through the given points, we can easily understand the difference between motorized bikes and electric bikes:


Everyone wants to have products that can last for a long time. The same case also implies when purchasing a bike. If you are confused about the life span of the motorized bike and electric bike, through the below-given discussion, you will have a complete idea that what will perform long-lasting:

Motorized Bike Lifespan: Experts or riders have confirmed that a motorized bike may last from 3 to 10 years, or they may perform about 5,000 to 7,000 miles before needing to replace parts.

Electric Bike Lifespan: An electric bike has a life span of 3 to 5 years. The riders may require replacing the parts or replacing an electric bike after this duration.

Running Cost

What is the running cost of a bike? This is another main concern for the riders before buying a motorized bike. Everyone wants to have more benefits under less consumption of money.

Motorized Bike Running Cost: The average cost to run a motorized bike is US$ 2.75/ gal if the power source is gasoline.

Electric Bike Running Cost: The charging cost of an electric bike is US$0.14/kWh. However, the charging cost may vary from state to state.


The weight of ebike is 40-70 pounds while motorized bicycle is 100 pounds and more.

Travel distance

How much distance does your bike cover? It is one of the leading concerns of the riders. If your bike covers less distance than others and takes the same cost as other bikes, your bike is not efficient enough. Therefore, you need to know the exact travel distance ratio of the bike before purchasing your bike.

Motorized bike travel distance: The average travel distance of a motorized bike is 100 mpg.

Electric bike travel distance: The average travel distance of an electric bike is 25 miles per charge.


The pedalability of electric bike is very easy, but for motorized bicycle, it is very hard.


When purchasing a bike or electric bicycles, bike speed does also matter. Speed does also determine the value and efficiency of your bike. The given comparison will make you know what is better is speed:

Motorized bike speed: The average maximum speed of a motorized bike is 30 mph.

Electric bike speed: The average maximum speed of an electric bike is 25 mph.


What will you get in return for the cost of the bike? This is one of the leading concerns people look at before buying a bike. However, the cost of both the bikes, including motorized bikes or electric bikes, may differ according to different states. Below is the average cost of a motorized bike or electric bike:

Motorized bike cost: The average cost of a motorized bike is $550.

Electric bike cost: The average cost of an electric bike is $1000.


The license is varies by state for motorized bicycle. But for ebike, it does not need license.

7. Frequently Asked Questions About Motorized Bike 

What is the difference between a moped and a motorized bicycle?

The difference between a moped and a motorized bike is quite subtle. The only difference we find is the speed level and engine ccs. The engine size of a moped is about 50cc, but a motorized bike comes with a smaller engine size. A motorized bike is generally limited to 20mph speed without pedaling, whereas a moped has a top speed of 30mph.

How fast do motorized bikes go?

Generally, a motorized bicycle with a gasoline motor under a 50cc engine can show 30mph to 35mph speed.

Can you ride a motorized bike normally?

Some regions, such as California, do not allow the riding of motorized bicycles and mopeds on sidewalks. Instead, riders must ride their motorized bicycles on the road alongside other traffics. However, you need to follow if there is a specifically designated lane for motorized bicycles.

How long does the motorized bike battery last?

The battery of a motorized bicycle can last from 3 to 5 years, depending upon your use. When used carefully, the battery life may be longer.

How cold is too cold for a motorized bike battery?

Experts suggest avoiding riding a motorized bike at a temperature lower than -4 °F /-20 °C, helping keep your battery operating normally.

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