The Inspiring Halloween Stories of Naktors

NOV 21, 2023


As the curtain falls on our Halloween Story Contest, we're thrilled to share the enchanting tales that poured in from our amazing community. From ghostly encounters to heartwarming moments, these stories are a testament to the creativity and spirit of our cherished customers. 

nakto halloween story

Trick or treating with my great niece last year was a blast. A neighborhood in our hometown goes all out. Every house gives out candy and decorates their yards and homes. The homeowners know all these kids do not live in their neighborhood but the homeowners still go all out for everyone's children can experience a old fashion walking the neighborhood treat or treating.

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nakto halloween story

Haunted house 2023, we don’t usually dress up and go out or haven’t for years but this night was very fun. We shared drinks with strangers and made great conversation. Oh and the haunted house was great.

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nakto halloween story

Winner Story

I went to college in a very small town in Idaho. The biggest Halloween attraction was 30 minutes to the real ‘middle of nowhere’ -an authentic, historic flour mill turned haunted house. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and I quickly signed up and auditioned to be one of their scares.

Deep, down in the mines I got to pop out and chase people in a narrow winding tunnel and onto the wooden suspended bridge over a river. I’d race in front of them as they were running and get to the other side of the bridge and shake and swing it while the other mine scare would hang behind on the opposite side of the bridge. Trapped. A perfect scare pair! And a job I loved! Toward the end of season and nearing the closing of a shift I needed to go and couldn’t wait a minute longer.

With it being an authentic mill they only had 2 port a potty’s far off in the distance. I ran the bridge, scaring people as I bee-lined it to the honey pot. No one likes a port a potty, especially at night, and especially far away from the crowds, all alone. There are no lights. It is pitch black inside. I use my cellphone light. I try to make it quick. The scare was getting scared. Without warning, the door flew wide open and there was a horrific scream! They stood, feet nailed to the ground, in the doorway, watching me in my vulnerable stare, screaming. So I began to scream, not knowing what I was missing, why this person was screaming in horror?? It’s dark. I can’t see anything. I scream and thrash around, this way and that, pulling up my pants under my long cape to get off that haunted hole and out of there! We crashed and collided and they all but passed out. I picked myself up and ran as fast as I could, still screaming, down the hill, through the corn field, over the bridge and back to the mine tunnel.

I sat down to catch my breath and go over what just happened. What did they see?? What was there?? Wiping the sweat from my face I realize I am wiping my mask. My .. mask. My mask that after a season of wear has molded itself to my face. A mask so a part of my routine that I had not removed it while sitting on the haunted honey pot. I sat on my little wooden stool in my dark cave and slowly nodded to myself— ah, so that’s what happened.

Oh. Oh dear. The innocent passerby goes to use the facilities out in the dark woods, opens the unlocked door and see’s a haunt sitting, waiting. They scream. The haunt starts screaming, thrashing around hitting the walls with their long black cape and then lunges to get at them. They collide and the haunt runs deep into the night. I will never know who was scared more that night… But somewhere out there, on a dreary Halloween night there is someone telling a story about a time they were spooked by a haunted port a potty.

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nakto halloween story

The best Halloween is the one I can spend with my granddaughter. This year we did Trunk or treat at her school. We decorated it like one of her favorite games, Minecraft. Although there were more elaborate trunk or treat decorations the kids did like ours .Next year my said we have to kick it up a notch.

nakto halloween story

We are babysitting a friend's kitty cat. We were worried about fighting between The Dog and our feline houseguest. Well, they're getting along just fine. Woke up to them MAKING OUT! Ghostbusters was right. It's the End O' Times. Dogs and cats sleeping together! (Honestly, we're happy they get along.)

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nakto halloween story

My most Memorable Halloween was when me, my sisters and cousin went out in the town for Halloween. We where up all night haveing fun and meeting new people. It was the last time me and my older sister would go out and spend time. Halloween is my favorite holiday but after she passed Halloween hasn't been the same. I'm trying to make life changes because I want to make as much memories as long as possible.

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