Specialized vs Orbea: Which One is Better?

March 19, 2024


In recent years, the bike's popularity has surged, These bikes make cycling accessible and enjoyable for a wider range of people, from daily commuters to adventure seekers. 

This article mainly surveys Specialized and Orbea. Both brands are celebrated for their innovation, quality, and commitment to enhancing the cycling experience. Besides, we will mention Nakto, a new star in the e-bike area.

Overview of Specialized and Orbea Bikes

When it comes to choosing the right mountain e-bike, two prominent brands that often stand out in the market are Specialized and Orbea. Both brands offer a diverse range of bikes tailored to different riding styles and preferences. Let’s take a look at the Specialized bikes and Orbea bikes overview.

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Specialized Bikes

Specialized is a company deeply rooted in the cycling world since 1974, driven by a passion for innovation and quality. Initially, they responded to market needs by creating better tires and later the first production mountain bike to cater to the burgeoning interest in off-road cycling. 

Specialized continued to innovate by enhancing the performance of road bicycles with advanced carbon technology and their own wind tunnel for aerodynamic testing.

Specialized also focuses on the social impact of cycling. They support Outride, an initiative that leverages cycling to improve the social, emotional, and cognitive health of children, especially those who struggle with focus in school. This reflects Specialized's belief in the transformative power of cycling, not just as a physical activity but as a tool for mental and emotional well-being.

Moreover, Specialized has been active in trail advocacy since the late 1980s. Their proactive approach led to the founding of the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) in 1987, which underscores their commitment to ensuring that the sport of mountain biking has a sustainable future through responsible trail use and access.

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Orbea Bikes

Orbea, established in 1840 in Eibar, Spain, is a distinguished bike manufacturer that stands out through its dedication to creating unique, personalized bikes. This commitment is driven by a core brand purpose that guides their interactions with customers and shapes their business ethos. 

Orbea aims to inspire cyclists who are as passionate about cycling as they are and who believe in contributing to a fair society.

Their approach to research and development involves a collaborative ecosystem that includes partnerships with universities and an internal team of cycling enthusiasts, all dedicated to crafting high-performance bicycles. 

This effort is underscored by their structure as a cooperative, emphasizing a collaborative, customer-centric approach to business that continually seeks to improve and evolve based on feedback from their community of riders and dealers.

In essence, Orbea is a brand deeply rooted in its values and committed to excellence, innovation, and social responsibility, continuously striving to meet the highest standards set by its community and itself.

Here is a comparison of the products from Specialized and Orbea

AspectSpecialized Turbo Levo ExpertOrbea Oiz M-LTD
Brand NameSpecializedOrbea
Main ProductTurbo Levo ExpertOiz M-LTD
Product Price$12,000$8,999
User GroupTrail riders seeking electric assist for challenging terrainsCompetitive racers and high-performance enthusiasts without electric assist
Product Features- 150mm travel, - Specialized 2.1 motor, - 700 Wh battery, - Carbon frame- Lightweight carbon frame, - Dual suspension, - Designed for cross, -country racing
FunctionalityEnhanced power for climbing and trail riding, advanced connectivity and controlsOptimized for speed and agility, high-end components for competitive performance

These bikes showcase the best of what each brand offers in their niche: Specialized focuses on electric mountain bikes with robust features for trail adventurers, while Orbea targets competitive cycling with lightweight, high-performance models. 

Both bikes are leaders in their respective categories and cater to different types of cyclists with specific needs and goals in the realm of mountain biking.

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Specialized bikes vs Orbea bikes: The most popular products

Specialized's Most Popular Bikes

Specialized S-Works($7,499.99 - $14,000.00) and Tarmac SL7($3,999.99 - $12,999.99) - Known for its blend of lightweight and aerodynamic features, this road bike is popular among competitive road cyclists. Specialized Stumpjumper($2,800.00 - $9,499.99) - A highly regarded mountain bike, the Stumpjumper is celebrated for its capability on rough trails and has been a staple in Specialized’s lineup since it was the first mass-produced mountain bike in the 1980s.

Specialized Allez($1,200.00 - $3,500.00) - This range, especially the Allez Sprint, is well-liked for its approach to road racing with a balance of performance and value, making it accessible for both new and experienced riders 

Orbea's Most Popular Bikes

Orbea's popular models are often celebrated for their customizability and performance.
Orbea Orca($3500 - $11599) - This model is favored in the road racing community for its lightweight and stiff frame, ideal for competitive racing.

Orbea Alma($2499 - $8599)- A mountain bike is known for its agility and lightness, making it suitable for cross-country competitions.

Orbea Gain($3199 - $9999) - An electric road bike that blends traditional bike aesthetics with modern e-bike technology, popular among those looking for a boost on their rides without the bulk of typical e-bikes.

User reviews for Specialized and Orbea e-bikes

For Specialized

The Turbo Levo series, including models like the Turbo Levo Expert, receives praise for its innovative technology and robust performance, especially on challenging terrains. 

Common commendations focus on the bike’s ability to enhance the riding experience with its powerful motor and high-capacity battery. However, some users express concerns about the high costs and occasional issues with component durability. A review on Quora, Says James H. Kelly:

he doesn’t know their reputation in general, but he’s only owned two bikes as an adult and they were both Specialized hybrids. The first took him (and his stuff) all over Ireland and covered nearly every inch of New York City, being my only form of transportation, without a problem (until it was stolen). And the second is still going strong.

Orbea's review

Reviews Such as those for the Oiz M-LTD, are generally very positive, emphasizing the bike's lightweight design and high responsiveness, which is particularly favored by competitive and serious recreational riders. 

The Oiz M-LTD is lauded for its precision and speed in cross-country settings. Critiques are rare but sometimes mention the premium price point, which reflects the advanced technology and materials used in the bike.

There is A review on Trustpilot, in which Jeff Taylor talks about Orbea Katu's experience: he has an electric Orbea Katu, bought 3 years ago for about £3000. It's very well-designed and handles well for a small-wheeled bike. 

Nonetheless, there are some poor features like the center stand coming adrift, it needs a bigger front sprocket but none is available to fit, and there are threaded holes for a rear rack but none are available to fit, either from Orbea or a third party.

Key Differences Between Specialized and Orbea Bikes

Specialized focus on the products, tends to offer highly specialized bikes across different categories, including their flagship models in road, mountain, and electric bikes. Each is designed with a specific use case in mind, emphasizing technological innovations like the Brain suspension technology on the Epic series.

Orbea is more expert in customization and cultural heritage. With its deep roots in Spanish cycling culture, Orbea places a strong emphasis on customization, allowing riders to tailor their bikes extensively. This is evident in their MyO program which caters to personal preferences in aesthetics and components.

Overall, both brands offer high-quality bicycles designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of various riders, from competitive racers to leisure cyclists and everything in between.

Who will like them more?

Specialized excels in scenarios where technological integration can enhance cycling experience, such as electric assist for challenging climbs and long rides where endurance is tested. 

This is evident in their product lines, like the Turbo Levo series, which is tailored towards making challenging terrains more accessible and enjoyable, thus appealing to adventure seekers and trail enthusiasts, who are looking to extend their riding capabilities beyond traditional cycling.

Orbea, on the other hand, caters to both competitive racers and casual riders but has a strong focus on customizability and involvement in cycling as a community and lifestyle choice. Their user base includes those who appreciate the brand’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. 

Orbea's focus on creating unique bikes that can be customized heavily indicates a demographic that values personal expression and precision. Their marketing and product development also suggest a strong appeal to those involved in competitive racing and high-performance cycling, evidenced by features tailored for efficiency and speed in bikes like the Oiz series.

Which is the best?

In the comparison of e-bike brands Specialized and Orbea, Nakto emerges with a unique value proposition that might make it the best choice for some consumers, especially those prioritizing affordability and strong after-sales support.

While Specialized and Orbea are celebrated for their innovation and quality, Nakto offers competitively priced e-bikes that provide excellent value for money. This makes Nakto a very attractive option for budget-conscious buyers who are still looking for reliable and enjoyable e-biking experiences.

Additionally, Nakto's strong after-sales service ensures that customers receive prompt support and maintenance, which enhances user satisfaction and trust in the brand.

Therefore, for those who are new to e-bikes or are not looking to make a hefty investment, Nakto stands out as the best choice due to its combination of affordability, reliable customer service, and solid product offerings.
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Specialized leverages its extensive history and expertise in both traditional and electric bikes to offer products that enhance rugged trail experiences and promote cycling as a holistic health benefit. 

Orbea, with its roots in competitive racing and a cooperative business model, emphasizes personalization and community engagement, focusing on high-performance and custom bikes that appeal to competitive and serious cyclists.

Nakto, introduced as a more budget-friendly option, contrasts with these brands by focusing on affordability and strong after-sales support, making it an appealing choice for budget-conscious consumers and those new to e-biking.

Whether consumers are seeking high-end performance, personalized features, or cost-effective solutions, the e-bike market offers diverse choices to suit a variety of cycling goals and lifestyles, with Specialized and Orbea catering to high performance and customization, and Nakto' electric bike providing an accessible entry point with reliable support.

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