Riding Bike With Dog

Riding Bike With Dog: Tips For Safe And Enjoyable Rides!

April 24, 2024


Bike riding with dog in basket can be a very exciting, liberating, and enjoyable experience for your canine best friend. Not to mention, the activity is also going to be just as fun for the riders themselves.

One of the immediate or more apparent benefits of this activity is the fact that both you and your dog will be able to get some exercise in the process while also bonding with one another, which is vital to instilling a feeling of trust and confidence in your pooch.

However, do keep in mind that you will need to take some particular precautions to ensure that the bike-riding journey with your dog is a safe one. This is essentially where an ebike comes into play. Ebikes have become a go-to option for people who are looking to strike two sticks with one stone – saving money on gas and reducing their carbon footprint.

Thanks to continuously evolving technological advancement, modern electric bikes have come a very long way since their predecessors a decade ago.

With powerful electric motors, a longer-lasting battery, safety amenities, and features, etc. ebikes can help you travel longer distances and tackle all types of terrain. Plus, they are the ultimate environment-friendly way to commute. 

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Riding Motorcycle with Dog: Why It Is Good for Your Canine Companion

A Gleeful Bonding Session With Your Pooch 

Going on an ebike adventure with your dog can be an excellent way to connect with your dog and strengthen your relationship with the animal. A biking riding trip in the great outdoors can help the rider create fun and happy memories with their furry companion along with instilling a powerful sense of unity and companionship.

Just imagine riding a Nakto ebike with your dog sitting in front of you in the basket feeling the gush of wind on your face, the dog curiously and excitedly taking in the views and interactions, rejuvenating its senses. It is an incredible experience.

Riding Motorcycle with Dog

Taking in the Sensations of the World Around

Biking riding with dog can help your canine best friend to take in the sights and sounds of the environment around them more profoundly, helping them experience the great outdoors more excitingly.

The smells and sounds of the flora and fauna and zipping past the environment are going to rejuvenate your dog's senses. Your pooch will get to absorb the beauty around it, which is going to help stimulate their senses and offer the dog a new perspective of the environment around them. 

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Great for Helping Your Dog Socialize With Other People

Riding the Nakto S02 with your pooch sitting comfortably on the bike's basket attachment is going to attract plenty of attention and excitement from other cyclists along the bike paths. This is going to be a wonderful chance for your dog to briefly socialize with those people.

Plus, it may also be that those passerby may also be walking or riding with their dogs or cats, allowing your pooch to introduce themselves and connect with those animals. While you rest and chat with other bikers, your dog may have a ball playing with other animals.

For the rider, well, the very fact that their dog is having a good time is in itself very rewarding. In addition, your dog could also potentially even help you make new friends along your journey, allowing you to create networks in the cycling community. 

ride ebike with dog

A Good Source of Exercise

Another pretty awesome benefit of riding motorcycle with dog is that it can be a very good source of exercise for both you and your furry companion. Not only can biking help enhance your heart health and blood circulation, but it can also help improve your dog's stamina and endurance. It can be especially beneficial for the dog if it is a bit overweight. 

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The Best Ebikes to Consider When Taking Your Dog Along For the Trip

The Nakto S02

The S02 ebike by Nakto can be a wonderful option if you are an avid outdoor enthusiast and wish to take your dog along for adventures. The bike comes fitted with a powerful 500-watt electric motor and a 46V-16A lithium battery that provides the rider with a 60-mile range.

In addition, it has a very spacious rear carriage attachment. This means you can easily make room for your dog at the back when speed is of importance or when the pooch is tired of walking.

With a generously spacious cargo and a front-mounted basket, the Nakto S02 is a superior adventure ebike. Plus, it also features front suspension for better weight balancing, offering the rider a comfortable and smooth ride. The bike also has a dual-disc ventilated braking system for enhanced safety and terrain riding.  

nakto trike s02

The Nakto F4

If you're looking for superior riding experience and comfortability, it doesn't get any better than the Nakto F4. The ebike comes built-in with a 750W electric motor along with a 48V-20A battery that allows the rider to travel distances of up to 60 miles. Unlike the S02, the F4 has a dual suspension system (both at the front and rear), offering excellent control and riding comfort no matter how tough the terrain.

Plus, this bike also comes with 20-inch all-terrain tires for riders who love to travel through the rugged outdoors. No matter how wet the conditions are, you and your pooch will always be safe.

But perhaps one of the most exciting features of the ebike is its spacious rear cargo attachment, making it ideal to transport your pooch and still have a bit of space left for your traveling essentials. Not to mention, the bike is also fitted with an LED display to help the rider monitor essential information. 

nakto cargo ebike f4

The Nakto Elegance

The Nakto Elegance comes at a more budget-friendly price and is suitable for short-distance outdoor adventures in and around the city. The bike has a 250W rear hub electric motor along with a 36V-10A battery. You can travel up to 32 miles on the bike. Plus, when it comes to pet carriers for motorbikes, the Nakto Elegance has a front basket attachment that could be replaced with a bigger carrier for your canine friend.

In addition, there are various riding amenities such as lights and reflectors for enhanced safety and a comfortable rear-end cushioned seat that is ideal for carrying friends (both man and beast). 

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The Importance of Packing the Right Items for the Trip

If you are planning to take your dog on a bike trip, it is extremely vital to consider selecting the most useful items to ensure the pooch remains safe and in high spirits throughout the journey. Not to mention, you have to make sure that you also stay comfortable and worry-free. In light of this, here is the type of equipment you should pack with you:

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Different Types of Canine Attachments for the Bike

One of the most important aspects of riding motorcycle with dog is guaranteeing the safety and security of the pooch while riding. You can opt for a variety of attachments, such as:

Front or Rear-End Pet Carriers
If you have a smaller dog, such as a chihuahua, Boston terrier, a Pomeranian, etc. it is a good idea to get a bike carrier/basket. This is going to guarantee the pooch a comfortable and safe riding experience.

Sturdy Trailers
Trailers are mainly useful if you have bigger dog breeds such as a German shepherd, a border collie, a cane Corso, a golden retriever, etc. Trailers are very simple to attach to the rear of a bike. You can think of them as a larger seating arrangement. The Nakto Pet Trailer can be a very good example. The trailer is specially designed to accommodate small and large dogs. The trailer is made with washable materials and features an internal leash for added control and safety. 

Dog Leashes for Bikes
If your dog is full of energy and excitement when you take them out for a walk or on a bike trip, it is very important to ensure they always stay within your proximity and not wander or run off. To make sure this doesn't happen, get a bike leash that you can attach to the handlebar of your bike or any other position you deem fit. This way, you will be able to control the movement of your canine companion. 
Sturdy Trailers

Canine Harnesses and Similar Items for Enhanced Dog Vigilance

Another equally important thing to consider is getting the right dog harnesses to secure your pooch during your bike ride. These are some great options to keep in mind:

Dog Harnesses for Weight Distribution
One of the best things about body harnesses for dogs is that they are going to help evenly distribute the total weight of your pooch when they are walking or running during the ride. In addition, they can be especially beneficial if your dog is suffering from mild breathing issues or neck pain.

Collars for the Head
These are more beneficial than neck collars. Head collars allow riders to safely secure and control how their dog moves. They can be very useful if you have a dog that tends to nudge or pull on its leash.

Reflective Dog Vests
While you can also get reflective dog collars or leashes, vests, on the other hand, provide more visibility to passersby or other people riding bikes or cars during low light conditions. 
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Ensuring The Complete Safety and Security of your Canine Best Friend

While getting the right gear for your dog's wellbeing during the trip is important it is just as mandatory to invest in the best safety items to ensure their wellness. You should opt to buy:

Dog Helmets
If you plan to carry dog on motorcycle, you need to ensure they are completely protected in case of an emergency such as a crash or an accident. Having your dog wear a riding helmet is going to ensure the pooch does not sustain major injuries to the head.

Anti-Slip Bike Gloves
This one is for the riders. If you plan to have your dog on a leash during the ride, you need to be wearing anti-slip gloves to make sure the leash doesn't slip. Plus, the gloves are going to help you improve your grip on the handlebars, giving you more control.

Side Mirrors
If you plan to set up a rear trailer or carrier for your pooch, you need to be able to keep an eye on your friend. To do this while riding, it is important to have good side-view mirrors so that you can see what the dog is doing back there. 
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Teaching Your Dog to Get Used to Bike Riding

When it comes to bike riding with dog, you need to first ensure that your dog is well-trained or at least obeys and understands foundational commands such as, stop, sit, come, and stay. Understand that when you're out riding with your dog jogging or running alongside you or sitting comfortably on a trailer, they will have the urge to act out, chase other animals like squirrels and whatnot, etc. When this happens you need a dog that will obey your every command.

Moreover, it is just as important for the dog to be used to walking wearing a collar or a leash. If they are not, you should first get them used to these accessories. The best way to do this is to regularly take your canine best friend out for walks on a leash. In addition, ensure that they do not pull or tug on the leash. 

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Bottom Line

So there you have it, a comprehensive dive into how you can take your dog for a bike ride in the great outdoors, the best ebikes to consider, and the types of items you need to ensure your dog's safety and security.

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