How to Dress for Winter Cycling on Your Electric Bike

JAN 17 2023


Take a break from the traffic hustle with a healthy commute option. Gear up biking to work! This eco-friendly option will keep you fit. Cycling on an electric bike in winter will offer a perfect blend of thrill. Before you start pedaling NAKTO e-bikes towards your destiny, check out some pro tips to ease your biking commute.

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Layer Your Clothing 

Layering your clothing is a wise men’s tip for winter cycling rides. So check out how you can layer yourself to keep warm and comfortable at the same time.

Base Layer

The base layer in winter helps you wick moisture. If you want to keep yourself dry, this layer whisks away sweat. This layer is crucial as wet skin loses heat far earlier than dry skin. On the top base layer, you should wear merino wool or synthetic fabrics like polyester. It is better to avoid cotton as it absorbs moisture and holds it. For the bottom layer, you can wear winter bib tights, leggings, or bike shorts as per your choice or comfort. Snugly fittings of this clothing will help effective moisture transfer.

Insulating Layer

Adding insulating layers to the top of your base layer helps you retain heat that will keep you safe from cold temperatures. Sweaters, fleece shirts, and vests will be a perfect choice for your upper layer. Zip necks will help you regulate temperature. You can use insulated tights or pants as your lower layer on the base layer.

Synthetic down jackets offer an exceptional insulation layer for your winter ride. But never choose over-bulk layers that can be a huge barrier in your pedal stroke. You can use these heavy-duty options in extreme frigid conditions. A fleece jacket can be the perfect choice for most winter temperatures.

Outer Layer

This final outer layer will repel wind and moisture from your body. You should choose a cycling jacket like Gore-Tex with windproof and water-resistant materials. You should choose jackets with zip vent features to control temperature.

In colder temperatures, soft-shell cycling pants help you resist high wind over your tights. You will surely not lose breathability with these pants and jackets. Leg warmers are considered a good investment by expert bikers. The reason is that it helps you with versatile insulation and wind protection. Moreover, cycling shoes keep your toes cozy for hassle-free pedaling.

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Prevent Overheating While Cycling

Try to manage your body temperature while riding your NAKTO e-bikes in the winter. Dress accordingly to keep yourself warm and comfortable in cold weather riding. It is a good sign if you feel slightly chill before you pedal your ride. The reason is that you create body heat when you pedal. Slowing down your riding pace can help you avoid overheating in the winter. You can unlock vents or zippers whenever you want to release excess heat. You can do this, especially on climbs or when you are feeling a bit too warm. Keep in mind that warm clothing in winter riding means comfortable clothing rather than extremely sweating.

To prevent overheating, always make a wise decision while purchasing items for your winter cycling ride. Some essential tips are offered below that will allow you to adjust your temperature.

  • Many helmet covers available in the market have vents. You can easily open or close these vents to increase or reduce airflow.
  • Outer layers with multiple “vented” areas are suggested. For instance, many jackets for outerwear have side zips and armpit zips. You can easily use these to change airflow.
  • Base layers with quarter-zips are a perfect choice to circulate air in your core.
  • Gloves with zippered outside pockets help you keep your hands warm on cooler days. If you feel warm, you can easily unzip your gloves for breathability. 

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Protecting Extremities

Protecting your extremities in winter is important to avoid any sickness. So, use all the recommendations provided below to keep your hands, head, neck, and feet safe in your cycling experience. 


Choose a good pair of winter gloves. Waterproof ones are recommended as they have good insulation against the cold. Riders choose synthetic palm gloves. The reason is that they boost your grip, and you can easily regulate brakes in your journey. Investing in cheap quality gloves might cause a pause in your winter cycling ride. This helps you easily handle your ride.


Headwear is important to keep your head and ears warm. The winterized helmet will be a perfect option in this case. However, if you don’t have a winterized helmet, you can use a headband or a hat underneath your helmet.

But make sure that your helmet fits you properly after wearing additional winter headwear underneath it. If it doesn’t fit properly, do not purchase a new helmet, as you can resolve this issue with a helmet cover.

Remember, a helmet cover is a must-have ride-or-die companion in your cycling journey. It helps you safeguard your head from any potential mishaps or accidents. The snug-fitting helmet is recommended for maximum safety. The reason is that helmets with poor fittings can easily fall off in your ride, and it will be a complete failure to keep you safe. So wear a certified and comfortable helmet cover while biking.


Many cyclists prefer to protect their necks. A ski mask or balaclava gives you complete face and head coverage to keep you warm. This will allow you to keep the cold out of your face and neck while cycling NAKTO e-bikes in winter. Along with it, you can use scarves to control the wind striking your face or neck.


Waterproof shoes are essential in winter cycling. For instance, you can easily prevent your foot from getting wet out of snow. But ensure that your boots must have ample room for thick socks. This will help your feet warm and dry in the winter cycle. Avoid using cotton socks, as they will keep your feet damp and cold.

If you are riding on chilly days, woolen socks are recommended. These will keep your feet toasty. Choose woolen socks that reach the knee. In this way, you can easily protect your knees and feet. This will allow you to enjoy your rides in winter with NAKTO e-bikes. 

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Listening to Your Body

Always listen to your body in winter cycling. Are you not feeling well on your ride? If you feel down in your winter cycling or are observing any cold symptoms, reducing your cycling for a few days is recommended. Hopefully, this will be a perfect remedial strategy to keep you from becoming sick. Your health should be the top priority. So, never worry about missing winter cycling rides when you are sick. The winter is long, and you can easily enjoy winter cycling with NAKTO e-bikes as soon as you recover from illness. 

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Stay Visible While Winter Riding 

Choose visible clothing to keep yourself safe in the winter cycling experience. Even if you are riding in daylight, snowfall or other weather conditions can increase the risk when you are sharing roads with other vehicles.

You should choose a highly visible and reflective gear to stand out. Reflective logos, strips, and piping on jackets, leggings, or gloves might suit these conditions. Supplement your electric bike with headlights and flashing lights on the front and back. Use white light for the front section and red for the backside. This will improve your visibility even more, and you can easily keep yourself among others to avoid mishaps.

But if you choose to ride NAKTO, never worry about the visibility of your electric bike. NAKTO gives your e-bikes great visibility so everyone can easily spot you. 

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Monitoring Weather Conditions

Check the weather conditions before you start to prepare for your winter e-bike ride. Weather conditions help you plan accordingly for your trip. Check out some of the tips provided below to keep yourself safe.

  • Check out any predictions of rainy weather or snow drippings. Avoid commuting in such conditions. Always check weather updates of your destination and home location. However, it is suggested that you don’t rely too much on meteorologists and prepare yourself for everything.
  • NAKTO e-bikes offer robust disc brakes to boost your well-being in the riding experience. This delivers dependable stopping power even in extreme weather. With these powerful brakes, you can easily navigate your commute or leisure rides. They give you enhanced safety and control, which helps you build riding confidence and reliable control on your ride.
  • You can also back up winter gear to deal with unexpected winter weather. You can carry backup layers and accessories in your pack, like extra glove liners, chemical warmers, a neck gaiter, and toe covers. These will give you options to add insulation to adjust to evolving weather conditions.
  • Always check if your battery is functioning well before you start your ride. Checking your battery is crucial as your routes can get prolonged if the weather shows any horrific change. Your battery should be fully charged even if you are getting late to work.
  • It is suggested to avoid riding bikes in temperatures lower than -4 °F /-20 °C. Though NAKTO offers e-bikers suitable to handle below-freezing temperatures for more than 24 hours, health should be the top priority in these weather conditions.

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Before you start your winter cycling, dress yourself appropriately as per the guidelines offered in this article. In this way, you can easily cuddle the beauty of the winter by keeping yourself warm and comfortable. Master the art of layering three types of clothing with zipper outer layers so you can easily open or close vents to adjust your body temperature.

Invest in good items to cover your hands, head, neck, and foot. Protecting extremities is important to avoid any pauses in the trips. Listening to your body is important so you realize when you need a small break from your winter cycling trips. Visible clothing is beneficial to avoid any mishaps or accidents when you are riding on roads with other vehicles.

Always check weather conditions before you head out in winter for cycling. This can help you prepare yourself for any potential weather changes. So what are you waiting for? Check out all the amazing e-bikers of NAKTO to enjoy cycling this winter. 

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