Guide for Choosing the Correct Parts

MAY 26,2023


In this article, we will talk about some upgrades and changes of the same NAKTO ebikes in recent years, which will affect our choice of parts.


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First of all, the distinction of most models with vertical classification is relatively simple. They have simple modifications but the existing parts are fully applicable to the original model.If you are a customer who purchased on Amazon or other websites, and the merchant did not indicate the specific model when purchasing, you can check the pictures on our official website to determine the specific model name of your e-bike.

The following is our model classification chart,we can see all the models visually by excluding the color.

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  1. Mini Cruiser/ Elegance/ Pony/ Fashion/ Cruiser/ Skylark 

These models have hardly changed in recent years, if there are some relatively small changes. The current parts can completely replace the previous ones.

2. Santa Monica 

A)Color of Battery.

Nakto launched Santa Monica in 2022 in another two additional colors - black and white. The main impact is the color of the battery, if you buy a different color battery this will look very abrupt. But the most common is the silver-gray model.

B)Throttle(Full throttle-thumb throttle)

The initial version of the Santa Monica used a full throttle, and later improved the handle for safety reasons, turning it into a thumb throttle.

C)Lock key

Old Version

New Version

On the picture we can see that the old and new versions of the lock have a distinctly different appearance. The new version has fewer external charging holes. This is actually a streamlining of the redundant configuration, and we can fully charge at the charging port on the side of the battery.

3. Pony

A) Rear Soft Seat Plate

OK, it's actually a simple variation on the old style seat plate that was screwed into the frame. The new version of the seat plate is fastened to the frame with an elastic band. The advantage of this is more flexible disassembly, the disadvantage is not enough before fixed solid.

B) One thing we need to note is that the Pony is no headlights, about why not I will help you ask the designer how to say.

4. Super Cruiser

The difference between the two batteries is just the capacity.

The difference between the two batteries is just the capacity. The shape and battery amperage are the same, so they are universal.

The 750W motor may not make your e-bike faster, but the high power and torque will allow your bike to climb hills and play better on rough and muddy roads.

5. Ranger

We also often confuse older Discovery versions of batteries with Ranger batteries. The Discovery has a rectangular cross-section and the Ranger is a trapezoid.

6. Discovery

7.Folding OX


The Basket bracket

The initial version of the Classic's basket bracket is the same color as the frame and is relatively bulky, the appearance may be better but the installation caused great difficulties for many customers, so we reduced the difficulty of installation by using the common black stick type basket bracket. Both are universal, so both old and new versions can be used.

9.City Stroller

There are no major changes, but it should be noted that the original ancient version is 20 inch wheels and frame. So customers who buy wheels, tires, motors and other components need to pay attention to the size of your baby e-bike. Usually customers after 2020 don't need to worry about this change, the uniform is 26 inches.

10.City Runner

This is a new model actually.


The difference between several versions of Camel lies in the difference in the electronic component kits. A few of the most important differences: the use of waterproof quick release wire or ordinary wire which determines the interface of all the electronics of the car, there is no display, the power value of the motor these differences.

Wire connection

Pedal assist/speed sensor