Get Your E-Bike Ready For Spring

MAR 12, 2024


The best season of the year is here when you remove the winter blankets and replace them with a pleasant and warmer spring season. The first sunlight of the season boosts your energy and opens the windows of renewal and growth. Beautiful flowers blossoming and plants adding significant greenery around you enhance your state of mind and elevate your mood.

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The longer and warmer spring days are perfect for having outdoor activities, playing with your pets, enjoying time with your loved ones, maximizing your sunlight absorption, and charging your level of Vitamin D. Most importantly, you get a chance to focus on improving your overall health by staying fit and active!

To enjoy the benefits of the spring season, you can get your e-bike ready beforehand. It might be sitting in your garage for days after the winter and may require battery maintenance and more.

If you do not have an e-bike, invest in one right away by getting in touch with NAKTO. Nakto is an incredible e-bike provider that has the finest quality e-bike collection. You can check out their website to pick the most suitable one for you. Or you can look for an e-bike for sale around to get one under your budget!

If you are looking for ways to prepare your e-bike, you are on the right page!

1. Cleaning And Maintenance

To have a smooth cycling experience, cleaning and looking forward to maintaining your bicycle has become a necessity when you are willing to use your e-bike in the spring season.

You can always look at your e-bike to double-check whether it is in good condition for a great cycling experience. If the condition isn't satisfactory, you still got time to work on your ebikes' maintenance and clean it properly! Here's a complete guide on how to do that:

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1)Inspect Brakes And Brake Pads

Brakes and brake pads wear out after some time because of the continuous friction that you apply to them. Due to the weakening of brakes, it often becomes challenging to stop whenever needed.

If you want to stop at the right spots and avoid hitting anything and being in an accident, you need to get regular inspections of brake pads.

2)Check Tire Pressure And Replace Worn Tires

You need to make sure the tires of your e-bike are in perfect condition. They need to have the best pressure to match the manufacturer's recommended pressure level. Look closely to check if your tires are worn out or if there are any cracks - as you would never want to experience a mishap on your way to explore the scenic spring settings!

If you notice anything that can lead to harmful situations, the best is to replace the tires with brand-new ones!

3)Lubricate Chain And Gears

If you want to have a pleasant cycling experience, you need to lubricate the gears and chains on your e-bike every week. It works as a source to provide you with a smoother running and avoid corrosion or rusting to your precious! Lastly, be sure to use excellent quality lube for your gears, e-bike derailleur, and gears.

4)Tighten Loose Bolts And Nuts

We are sure you want a stress-free ride. To have one, it is necessary to be certain that all the bolts and nuts are properly tightened. The nuts and bolts can get loose due to rigid use. So, you have to make sure the nuts and bolts are fitted perfectly. 

5)Clean The Bike Thoroughly

Now is the time to thoroughly clean your e-bike with warm water and soap. This soapy bubbly water is best to clear away any dirt left on your ebike. You can use a soft cloth or a brush to rub away any mud from any part of your e-bike. Ensure to part it dry using any towel to avoid rusting.

For an excellent shine, you can polish your e-bike and apply wax on it for an additional luster.
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2. Battery Maintenance

The electric bike battery provides power to the bike’s pedal assist system. If you frequently use your e-bike without getting its battery charged, it will lessen the life span of your battery. Not to ignore the nightmare, if you do not maintain your battery, it can run out of power anytime when you are riding it.

You need to check the battery's charge level after each ride. Many recently designed e-bikes have an LCD screen that allows you to do this.

It is also crucial to keep an eye on your battery levels before starting a ride so you can charge it on time and avoid a challenging ride.

1)Check The Battery Charge Level

You need to have regular monitoring of your battery charge. It will let you know when your battery needs to be plugged in to regain its charge. It is essential to check the wattage of your battery to be aware of the power it has to cater to your rides.

Just like we want food and water to get recharged every few hours, the same way your e-bike deserves the right amount of charging. Secondly, you should look at whether your battery is damaged, what its condition is, and if it isn’t right - replacement is necessary!

2)Charge the Battery Fully Before Using the Bike

One of the smartest moves is to charge your battery beforehand to avoid any rough situation happening to you. There is a possibility that you can run out of power near a dangerous area or when you are out alone. Anything can happen, so just get your battery charged before going out!

3)Store the Battery Properly

You need to avoid storing the battery in direct sunlight. The heart can destroy your battery. So, keep your battery in a dry and cool place, and it won’t get damaged. It is also essential to check whether both the charger and your battery are connected and are secure to make a circuit.
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3. Upgrades And Accessories

Other than regular maintenance, a better option is to upgrade some of the features of your e-bike to allow it to give a more promising outcome. Adding some bomb accessories to your e-bike will make it even better.

1)Install New Lights And Reflectors

If you are a night owl and love exploring places. If you have the night shift and return late from the office, installing new lights and reflectors is mandatory for you. Getting your hands on reflectors and new lights will assist in increasing visibility at night when riding the e-bike.

Although, it is important to consider your local rules and regulations for traveling, that will provide you guidance regarding the bike lighting allowed in different settings.

2)Upgrade The Bike Seat

Are you occupied this spring season with your work? Do you have to use your e-bike excessively for work-related research purposes? If yeah, - it is the best time when you need to invest in your bike seat. A little upgrade will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

3)Install Fenders To Protect Against Spring Rain

Spring is around the corner - and so is rainy weather!
You need to get yourself and your e-bike prepared by installing fenders. It will protect your bike against the harsh rainy spell and your clothes from getting dirty.
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4. Safety Precautions

As a bike rider, taking care of safety must be your utmost priority. You can not ignore safety precautions when riding your e-bike. God forbid, no one knows that with a little blunder, they can encounter a mishap. Here are some safety precautions that you can take to reach your destination safely.

1)Wear A Helmet

The skull is the main part of the body protecting our brain. You must protect it at any cause to prevent yourself from any major head injuries leading to severe surgeries. For that, you have to invest in the best quality of head accessories to keep yourself secure.

2)Use Hand Signals

It is essential to change lanes using hand signals. As hand signals are clearly visible, it helps alert other cyclists and drivers as well once your hand signals are visible to them. It will prevent the riders from on-road collisions and will facilitate you to have a safe ride.

3)Watch Out For Pedestrians And Other Cyclists

As an e-bike rider, you have to keep your eyes open and your mind running once you come on the road. To be aware of what’s going around you is extremely necessary to avoid accidents. Watch out for other cyclists, vehicles, and pedestrians, so you can ride your e-bike safe and sound.

4)Traffic Signals

Make sure to follow all the traffic rules and regulations like following traffic signals, understanding the stop signs, and more. Do not exceed speed limits. By following these effective safety precautions, you will potentially enjoy a stress-free ride.
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Five Critical E-Bike Considerations For You

So far, you have understood various ways in which you can get your e-bike ready for the spring season. Here are some things you need to consider before investing in an e-bike:

1)Ensure The E-Bike Has Gears

Some customers love to get top-speed e-bikes. The best part about getting an e-bike is, it has a derailleur system that will allow the riders to take the pressure off their legs by switching their gears.

To have a gear system will make it efficient and easier to drive in urban areas. It allows you to have complete command over speed, protecting you from road incidents. If you think this is suitable for you, you need to browse models at NAKTO that offer gear systems best for your preference and lifestyle.

2)Quality Of E-Bike Battery

As it is obvious, an e-bike is powered by a battery that can be easily charged. So, it is essential to ensure your e-bike model has a prime battery that will not disappoint you when needed the most.

Do not get a low-quality battery that easily gets drained.
So, before you invest your hard-earned money, choose an e-bike model with an excellent battery range that will stay longer right next to you as a solid companion during every situation.


If you travel in groups, it is best if you invest in a lightweight e-bike. It will help you to easily manage hilly areas and tough terrain with this light body.

Realistically speaking, getting a bike that’s heavier and larger will leave a significant impact on your mood and your body. Some situations may occur when you have to lift your bike on stairs, etc. So, considering all of this, ensure to have an e-bike with a lighter weight.


E-bikes are no longer a luxury product. You can easily invest in the best quality bike as an entry-level commuter. Although the type of material used in a bike may vary according to the pricing you can always consider getting in touch with one of the top e-bike providers to discuss your budget and get an exceptional offer within it.

5)Customer Reviews 

The most important aspect of a leading business is the feedback and reviews it gets from its customers. You can not trust every online e-bike provider and the services and accessories they offer.
To learn about the dealer, their services, the products they offer, and their average lifespan - you must go through the genuine reviews on their social media platforms and Google. You can read them out to be aware of what people think about this particular brand. If you are looking for the best e-bikes, Nakto Bikes is a win-win e-bikes provider for you! They have numerous incredible reviews on Amazon, making them unique in the views of the clients.
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It’s time for the spring season, and you need to get your bike ready to enjoy the benefits! You can enjoy a more nourishing lifestyle, explore the wonderful wildlife, and lessen your carbon footprint; this can be all done using an e-bike. So, without wasting another minute thinking about whether investing in it is a good choice, you should invest in an electric bike right away!

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