Electric Boarding Company – Our Favorite Foldable Commuter Bike

Electric Boarding Company – Our Favorite Foldable Commuter Bike


Why we love Nakto E-Bikes…


Nakto electric bikes have the perfect collection of foldable, fat tire and step-thru electric bikes for all customers and audiences. Whether you’re looking for a more cost-efficient and sustainable form of urban commuting or a cooler, more trendy way of getting to class (because you’re always late to class), Nakto bikes are simply awesome. With various color schemes and battery outputs, you can pick and choose the perfect e-bike!




Affordable Commuter E-bikes…


Nakto’s foldable e-bikes are nothing shy of excellent. The Nakto Skylark has soon become an EBC bestseller, along with the Nakto Fashion e-bike, which also takes after the traditional style of the London Brompton foldable bikes. However, not only do the Nakto foldables come in various colors, these portable electric bikes can fold away into your office locker, or even stored under our desk. With the increasing crime rate in inner city environments, commuters remain stressed about their bikes being stolen or damaged tied to the sidewalk. While we do like to recommend fat tires to commuters in the countryside, inner city commuters are far more tailored to foldable bike models, with Nakto’s range at the forefront of all options!




Nakto Skylark – Electric Boarding Company Bestseller


The Nakto Skylark e-bike bestseller will solve all your problems! This affordable folding e-bike sits at $599, half the price your average commuter in a metropolis city spends on travel p/year. Boasting a 250W brushless motor and an LCD onboard display, the skylark e-bike will help you beat the morning rush hour and save you time and money in the meantime. Especially with a challenging environment around us, and the pandemic posing a threat on public transportation, the electric bike industry has taken charge and allowed customers to live a healthier quality of life, while remaining socially distant and also save a lot of money in the process. At Electric Boarding Co, we have no doubt, that Nakto electric bikes will be the perfect venue to shop for your next ride and become and #EBCRider.


By The Electric Boarding Company 

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