Enter to Win Nakto Ebike for Your Loves

FEBRUARY 8, 2022


Looking for something different to do this Valentine's Day? Why not enter our giveaway for a chance to win a brand new electric bike! This is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself or your loved one to something special. Plus, who doesn't love getting free stuff?

What could be better than getting something for free? Especially when that something is a little piece of love. That's why I'm excited to giveaway one Nakto Camel Woman to our lucky user.


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  • What Prize:

  • And When:

The giveaway runs from 14th Feb, 2022 at 12:00AM GTM+8 to 23rd Feb, 2022 at 11:59PM CTM+8. Entries submitted before or after the Entry Period will not be eligible.

  • How to Enter:

Entering accordingly to get entries as many as possible, the more entries you get, and the more chance you will win. Winners' announcement on 24th Feb, 2022.


Prizes are limited to one per person.

Prizes cannot be refunded or replaced for non-quality issues.

Nakto reserves the right of final explanation. By offering your email you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

  • Secret Code

Hey guys, secret code for Nakto Valentine's Day Giveaway is right here, we only have 5 secret code in total. Come on, follow and join us to win small gift for celebration!

Question 1:

What is brand name of our Ebike?

Tips: Come on, you could not find any question easier than this. The code will be answer, good luck!

Code: ?????

Question 2:

How many bikes model do we have in total?

Tips: Well, you can simply find this answer at our official website, still do not know, Click here and count out.

Code: ??

Question 3:

When was this brand found?

Tips: I predict you do not know that, so why not read our Brand Story and figure out.

Code: ????

Question 4:

How many video do we have on Nakto youtube channel?

ITips: Lol, another counting game, visit our official youtube channel and count out.

Code: ??

Question 5:

The code will be the answer of this sudoku. Finally, this could be a tough one for you, take you time or you can ask some help from your friends !

Tips: The code will be 258??1?69, I gave you 2 numbers already, good luck!.

Code: ?????????