E-Bike Storage And Use During The Winter

OCT 26, 2022


It’s quickly getting to that time of the year when the days get shorter, darker, and of course colder. You’ve most likely had a swell time riding your electric bike during the summer and fall seasons with little or no restrictions. For you and many other eBike lovers, taking a long winter break from riding would be too hard to bear. After experiencing how convenient, exhilarating, and great for exercising eBikes are, it’s expected if you can’t stand being away for up to 3 or more months.

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With winter fast approaching, you’re probably wondering if you can still get the best out of your eBike even when you live in a cold climate.

Well, it’ll excite you to know that you can totally winterize your electric bike as long as you adhere to some eBike safety rules to ensure that despite the harsh weather, you and the electric bike are well-prepared and cared for. On the other hand, even if you decide to store your eBike during this period, there are some guidelines you need to stick to so that your eBike is well and ready for spring.

With all of these being said, let’s get right into eBike storage and use during winter.

Tips For Storing Your Electric Bike This Winter

Storing your eBike for 3-4 months until everything thaws out is totally doable. It’s okay if riding your electric bike in extreme weather conditions is not your cup of tea. There are so many impromptu challenges you might encounter while riding so choosing to commute using what you have more control over is great.

That being said, to ensure that your electric bike is up and ready for when the season changes, you need to follow these storage tips. 

1.Clean Before Storing Your EBike

The first step to storing your eBike is to thoroughly clean it to get rid of dust or dirt. Just like any other electric device, you need to clean eBikes regularly especially when you intend to lock it up for a prolonged period. That being said, you’ll find that most eBikes models are water-resistant like the Nakto Santa Monica bike. However, it's important to first confirm that your eBike’s frame and other components can withstand water. If you're in the clear about this, then you can go ahead to clean your electric bike.

Here’s how to do it;

-Mix up warm water with a mild soap and sponge.

-Start wiping the entire bike frame to get rid of dirt or stain.

-Use a low pressure hose to rinse off the eBike properly.

-Next is to use a clean and dry cloth to clean up the water thoroughly. This is because eBikes are water resistant and not water-proof so leaving it wet can cause some damage.

-Use the same dry cloth to clean the battery contact.

-Lastly, add a lubricant to every part of the bike chain and you’re good to go!

For a more in depth guide on how to wash your eBike, you can check out this article that lets you in on everything you need to know to get it right.

2.Keep Your EBike In A Cool/Dry Place

Now that your eBike is clean, where would be the best place to store it? The answer to that would be a garage, shed, or basement. These three places are perfect for storing electric bikes because they are cool and dry with temperatures ranging from 32-68 degrees.

Quite similar to cars, eBikes have electrical parts that are sensitive to extreme temperatures like the cold so it’s vital to store your eBike in a place with low humidity and with no risk of wetness. 

3. Partially Charge Your Battery Before Storing

Your eBike’s battery is most likely the most important and sensitive part of the bike because, without it, your electric bike can not function. Your eBike battery might be impressive like the Nakto Super Cruiser Bike 48V/12A Li-ion battery but if you don’t ensure that it’s not less than 75% or that it’s stored correctly, it loses its capacity.

So how should you store your eBike battery? Easy, by first taking it out and then putting it in an empty drawer up in your house. You might be wondering if it’s that special. We wouldn't use the word “special” but storing it inside your house is a good move because there’s more temperature regulation than in the garage or basement.

You should also make sure to monitor the battery level monthly to make sure it’s not below 75% or above 80%. This is because Li-ion batteries which are commonly used on Nakto bikes could become useless if it’s too low even after the winter season is over.

Bottom line is that you should only store your eBike battery somewhere with an ideal room temperature between 55-75 degrees and also remember to charge it partially.

4.Cover Your E-Bike Up

Moving on, let’s talk about why you need to cover up your electric bike when storing it inside. Even though you can do without this part, it’s still a good step to ensuring that dirt or debris doesn't settle on your bike especially since it won't be in use for quite a while. One of the best materials for covering eBikes has to be polyester because it’s more durable and even waterproof. Ebike covers should also help to keep your bike warm.

5.After Winter What Next?

Fast forward to 3-4 months when everything has thawed out meaning it’s time to bring your eBike out. Before you take it out on the road, you need to take it to your local bike repair shop for general servicing just to make sure that everything is in place.

Following these storage tips, you’ve done a great job but it’s absolutely necessary for the pros to do an in-depth check of the bike (like brakes, chains, etc) to avoid any misfortunes when you take it out for a spin.

In addition, even after tune-ups are done, test your eBike on a short ride to make sure there’s nothing out of place. 

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Using Your EBike During Winter

Where are our daring riders that would love to get the cold breeze in their face even as they ride through the snow, ice, or wet ground? This is for you!

We’ve established the fact that it’s possible to use your Nakto eBike even when the weather is quite frightful outside. On second thought, you might just want to take your eBike on a short ride around your neighborhood just to exercise your body. Either way, you can enjoy the ride as long as you’ve taken some winter precautionary measures. These measures will keep you and your bike safe!

Riding out in the snow is something you might want to experience at least once a year because it’s exhilarating. However, we prioritize your safety and your eBikes functionality which is why we’ve prepared some measures you must take before you even step out of your home. 

1.What’s The Weather Condition Like?

The weather can be very unpredictable and more horrid on some days. Before planning on going out for a ride, you need to stay updated with weather forecasts and the news for impromptu changes in weather conditions (e.g blizzards). Your safety should always come first so it’s important to make sure that the weather outside can be navigated to get you to your destination safely. 

2.You Need To Layer Up

Rule number two for using your bike during winter is to layer up! The trick here is to first get a thermal base layer and then layer up with clothing that is quite light but can still provide some level of warmth to your body. The last article of clothing you need is a bright-colored rain or winter jacket that makes you visible even when it's pouring or snowing. Go for colors like bright orange, green, blue, yellow, red, etc. 

3.Keep A Close Eye On Temperature Changes

Nakto bikes are built to withstand all weather conditions even when the temperature drops to almost nothing. However, all electric devices are very sensitive to extreme heat and cold temperatures. For instance, it’s common knowledge that mobile phone batteries drain faster during winter because of the extreme temperature and the same applies to electric bike batteries.

Monitor the temperature for at least 24 hours and watch out for a weather forecast that predicts how low the temperature will drop the day you intend to go out. The last thing you want is for your eBike battery to die when you're outside in the snow or rain.

4.Of Course, You Need A Helmet

We’re quite certain that you know the importance of a helmet when riding your eBike or any bike all year long. Apart from safety reasons in case you slide off the road, your helmet helps to protect your eyes from falling snow or rain and also acts as a head warmer.

5.You Need To Understand How The Braking Works

During winter, the roads are wet, icy, and slippery which obviously means that your braking would be different especially since eBikes are heavier. Instant braking would most likely not be as effective so you’ll need to see far ahead enough to start braking earlier on to stop just in time. 

6.Check Your Tires Before Riding

With the intention of using your eBike during winter, it’s important that you check your tires more often than not. This is to ensure that the tires are in top condition for the road. If you have the Nakto Super Cruiser, you’re in luck because they come with CST BFT fat tires that are good for all terrains.

7.Reflectors Make You Visible

When riding your eBike in cold or wet weather conditions it's important that you remain visible, especially to people driving vehicles. Reflectors are the most cost-effective way to remain seen by other road users. You can purchase the type for your wheels and also get reflective stickers in specific parts of the frame. In addition to your bright-colored clothing, a reflective vest would be a good idea. Just try not to do too much.

8.Knee And Elbow Pads Are Important

Just like your need for helmets, knee and elbow pads are a no-brainer because you need to be as safe as possible on the road in case you lose control of your eBike over black ice. We don't want you getting your knees or elbow injured even during a minor collision.

9.Headlights Improve Visibility

Your headlights and rear lights should be in top condition because this season calls for shortened days and longer nights. You might head out early but find that the day has gotten dark as early as 3 pm. Headlights help you to see ahead and for oncoming vehicles to notice you on the road. All of these are just to make sure you ride out and ride back home safely.

10.Fenders For The Win

Fenders really make the difference especially when the roads get messy from melted snow or puddles. With fenders, you can enjoy your ride without having to worry about dirt getting all over you and your bike as the tires are rolling. It’ll be a worthy investment if you ask us.

11.Your EBike Should Always Be Clean

Last but in no way least, you need to keep your electric bike clean. It’s inevitable that some dirt melted snow would be on your bike after a ride. Get your soapy water and sponge ready to wipe your eBike clean. Just like we mentioned earlier, make sure to wipe the frame dry and also use a clean dry cloth to clean the battery contact. All of these are to make sure your eBike stays in perfect condition even after the winter season is over. 


An all-terrain eBike with components specially designed to withstand any season and its extreme moments should be your go-to option. Nakto eBikes are made with exceptional batteries, motors, pedaling, and other features to keep you safe and satisfied on the road.

In conclusion, whether you’ve decided to store or make full use of your eBike this coming winter, you shouldn't have a problem as long as you stick to the pointers we’ve listed above. Treat your electric bike with so much care this winter and it’ll be up and ready to serve you all year round.