Bicycle Signs Meanings: Importance And Interpretation Tips

March 1, 2024


Riding an electric bike is a fun activity that helps you enjoy the scenery while getting some exercise. However, even when riding your bike, you still need to stay safe and responsible.

There are several bicycle signs on the roads and you need to know what they mean. These signs can let you know the hazards you may face along that path or if you are even allowed to ride there.

Fortunately, this article compiles several bicycle signs and their meanings. We also discuss their importance and tips for interpreting them.

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Common Bicycle Signs And Their Meanings

Bicycle signs are not like other road signs. They are usually smaller, have a bicycle symbol on them, and use specific colors and shapes. 

There are three main types of bicycle signs - regulatory, warning, and informational. Here are some examples of each type and what they mean:

Regulatory Bicycle Signs
Regulatory bicycle signs tell you what you must or must not do as a cyclist. They inform you about traffic laws or regulations that can attract fines or penalties when disregarded. These signs are usually placed at the point or beginning of the section where the traffic law applies. Some regulatory bicycle signs include the following;

Black bicycle with a red circle - you cannot ride your bike beyond the sign. However, you may push your bike. Always hop off your bike when you see this sign and push your bike till you see a sign that gives you the go-ahead to ride on.

White bicycle with a blue circle - the route is only for pedal cycles. Other road users are not permitted to use that route.

A circle with an empty sign - no vehicles are permitted within that route including bikes. However, you are allowed to push your bike by hand within the area.

No through road except cycles - this sign means that motorists are blocked from accessing the road ahead. However, cyclists are allowed to cycle through.

Bike route - the bike route sign has a green background with “bike route” clearly inscribed. This sign indicates that the route is suggested for cyclists.

Warning Bicycle Signs
Warning bicycle signs alert you to potential dangers or hazards on the road. These signs tell you when and where to ride your bike to reduce the likelihood of accidents and help you enjoy a smooth ride. Warning signs are meant to protect you and others. Therefore, it is best always to pay attention to these signs to reduce the risk of an accident or injury. Some warning bicycle signs include the following:

A yellow diamond with a black bicycle - This is a bicycle crossing sign. The sign shows drivers that bicycles may cross the road ahead. This warning sign propels drivers to slow down or be prepared to stop when necessary.

A yellow triangle with a black bicycle and a curved arrow means it is a sharp turn sign. It warns cyclists that there is a sharp turn ahead. You should slow down and be careful when turning if you notice this sign.

A solid red triangle with an inner black arrow pointing left - this warning sign shows drivers that traffic is merging from the left. As a cyclist, the traffic is likely moving faster than you. You should slow down and take extra caution to prevent an accident.

A yellow diamond with a black bicycle and train track line - the train tracks sign shows that there are train tracks along that route. This can be quite dangerous for cyclists as it can result in a fall. You should be careful when crossing rail lines to avoid accidents.

Dotted bicycle lanes - a dotted bicycle lane shows that a vehicle may make a quick turn, stop, or cross the lane. You should be careful when you notice this sign, as any type of vehicle can use the lane. 

Informational Bicycle Signs
Informational bicycle signs inform you about the road, conditions, facilities, or directions for cyclists. These types of bicycle signs are designed to help improve your cycling experience. Informational bicycle signs include the following;  

A white bicycle on a blue background with an arrow means it is a bike lane. It is a special space on the road for bicycles only. Drivers would not enter or park in the bike lane except to turn or exit the roadway.

A white bicycle on a blue background with the letter P means it is a bike parking sign. It indicates a location where there is a bike park. You can lock your bike securely and conveniently in a bike parking area. 

Sharrows - This sign combines “shared” and “arrow.” If you notice a bike symbol with two arrows marked above it, it means both cyclists and motorists share the lane. The arrow points in the direction of traffic. If you notice this sign when riding, take extra care and keep a safe distance.

Bike lanes with solid lines - this sign means that only bikes are allowed on that lane. You should always travel in the same direction of traffic when using a bike lane. 

Buffered bike lanes - this sign has a solid line on the curbside and dotted lines on the traffic side. Motorists can enter this lane. It is essential to keep a safe distance when on this lane in case a vehicle stops suddenly.

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Importance Of Following Bicycle Signs

The primary purpose of bicycle signs is your safety. Following these signs can keep you and non-commuters safe. The benefits of following bicycle signs are:

Saves Time And Money
By following bicycle signs, you can avoid traffic jams, fines, or penalties. You can also find the best routes, facilities, or services for your bike. This can save you time and money in the long run.

Reduces Accidents
Ignoring or violating bike signs can endanger you or others. It may also cause significant damage or injury. Following bike signs, especially in shared lanes with other motorists, can help them know when and where to slow down, reducing the likelihood of an accident. 

Improved Communication With Motorists
Bike signs can help you communicate with other road users. Riding your fat tire ebike on a busy road might cause accidents, especially when the motorists can’t see you. Fortunately, a bicycle sign is visible enough and communicates with both motorists and cyclists. This allows the drivers to adjust their driving accordingly to prevent accidents.

Bicycle signs are visible to motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. Therefore, these signs provide a safe environment for everyone. There is a minimal chance of an abrupt maneuver or unforeseen collision.
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Tips For Interpreting Bicycle Signs

Interpreting bicycle signs can sometimes be tricky or challenging. Although many bike signs are easy to interpret, you may encounter unfamiliar, unclear, or conflicting ones on the road. 

Here are some tips on how to interpret and understand bicycle signs. By applying these tips, you can become a more confident and competent cyclist:

Learn The Basics

Before you hit the road, you should learn the basic types, meanings, and rules of bicycle signs. You can use online resources, books, or courses to educate yourself. You can also ask experienced cyclists or instructors for advice or guidance. 

Generally, signs in red color mean stop, yield, or prohibition. White background signs are regulatory, and yellow signs are warning messages. 

The shape also matters when learning the basics. For instance, signs with an octagon shape mean stop. Diamond-shaped signs warn of possible hazards ahead, while square or horizontal-rectangle-shaped road signs can be used to convey several messages.

Pay Attention

When you are on the road, you should pay attention to the bicycle signs around you. You should look for them, read them, and follow them. You should also be aware of the road conditions, traffic, and weather. 

Use Your Judgment 

When you are faced with unfamiliar, unclear, or conflicting bicycle signs, you should use your judgment. You should try to figure out the intention and logic behind the signs. You should also consider the context and situation. You should not assume or guess.

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What Are Bicycle Hand Signals And How Are They Useful?

Bike hand signals are a mode of communication between motorists and cyclists. With clear communication, you reduce the possibility of a motor vehicle hitting you. In addition, you can use bike hand signals if you are riding in a group and you need to communicate your intention of turning, slowing down, or stopping. 


1. What is the bike box symbol?

The bike box is a designated area at the front of traffic lanes at intersections, marked by a green painted space with a white bicycle symbol inside. It provides a safe space for cyclists to wait ahead of vehicular traffic at red lights, improving their visibility and positioning to cross intersections safely and efficiently.

2. What does a triangle with a cycle mean?

A triangular sign featuring a cycle symbol warns of potential dangers associated with cyclists or cycling paths ahead. Triangular signs universally signify caution. This specific sign alerts motorists and other road users to be vigilant for cyclists or cycle routes in the vicinity, promoting safer sharing of the road.

3. What is Colored Bike Signs

Green Bike Symbol: When you see a green bike symbol painted on the road, it often marks a bike lane or path that is especially designed for cyclists. This could be due to its scenic nature, its connectivity to other bike paths, or because it's situated on a road with minimal traffic. The green color emphasizes the lane's safety and suitability for cyclists.

Yellow Bike Sign: Yellow signs are used in traffic management to indicate caution. Therefore, a yellow bike sign is a reminder to all road users that the road is shared with cyclists. It's a prompt to motorists to be mindful of cyclists on the road, encouraging a cautious and respectful sharing of the road space.

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Cycling is an excellent way to get around, not only does it allow us to enjoy life, but it is also part of the culture of many people, whether they ride a traditional bike or an e-bike. There are some basic rules we must follow. 

This includes respecting road signs, leaving sidewalks for pedestrians, and controlling your speed. By familiarizing yourself with road signs and following these basic principles, you are responsible for yourself as well as others.

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