5 Tips You Need to Know before Buying a Fat Tire E-bike

Jan 15, 2021


We thought it'd be good to take a look at some of the tips you need to know before buying one! These tips will give you an idea bout what to look out for, so read on for a buyer's guide that will steer you away from some common pitfalls.


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1.Look Out For Tire Size

Yes, fat tires are by there very nature, well, fat. But, they do vary in sizes. 4 inches are pretty standard for fat tires as we mentioned earlier, but there are tires that go even fatter.

Generally we'd recommend somewhere close to 4 inches for your more casual mountain trail rider and for use on roads etc. If you're somebody who is in to slightly more extreme mountain bike riding, then you might want to look for tires that are even fatter. This is because the fatter the tire, the more surface area, and so there is more friction for stability. This is important for safety on slightly more dangerous trails. So, the first thing you need to consider is what you are going to be using the fat tire ebike for, and then look for one with a tire size that suits your personal needs.

2.Suspension Is Important

As we pointed out in our Nakto Super Cruiser review, the suspension system of your fat tire ebike is important. You might end up paying a little extra for a fat tire ebike with a front suspension system that is capable of absorbing the shocks of the trail, but it's going to make your ride that much more comfortable - so it's definitely worth it. If you only plan to use your fat tire ebike on the roads and less demanding trails, then you could probably get away with saving a little more money by purchasing a fat tire ebike that is rigid and doesn't provide you with this sort of suspension system. Again, it all comes down to what you plan on using your ebike for, so make sure you have this clear in your mind before buying.

3.Check Out The Battery

If it isn't lithium-ion, we'd recommend you move on. Lead acid batteries and other types are probably less common on ebikes than lithium-ion varieties, but they are certainly still out there and it's a pitfall you'll want to avoid.

Lithium-ion batteries generally last around 3 years, but they can last as long as 5 depending on usage. This is great, because purchasing a new battery for your ebike can become costly if your battery is unreliable and constantly needs replacing. Looking for a fat tire ebike with a lithium-ion battery will prevent this from happening to you.

4.The Wattage Of The Motor

Now, this is important for those people who are hoping to take their fat tire ebike on mountain trails and other hard to reach places. Look at the Watts (W) of the motor that is offered with the fat tire ebike. As a rule, we'd recommend not going below 300W for a fat tire ebike, because anything less will mean you aren't really benefiting from having the fat tire ebike anyway. 350-500W is about right for any rider hoping to use their fat tire ebike on less demanding trails and roads, because it's more than powerful enough to handle that. Something like a 250W motor is more designed for road use only, so the benefits of the fat tires are largely lost if you get a motor with this sort of power. Since your new ebike won't be capable of exploring more versatile environments anyway with 250W, it would be pointless having the fat tires. If you're something of an extreme sport enthusiast though, the steeper trails you'll be looking to conquer will require something with a little more power. 500W to 750W is best in these scenarios. It will cost you quite a bit more, but it's absolutely necessary if you hope to actually complete the trail you set out on.

5.After-sale service

You need to know warranty police. Good after-sales service is also a factor to consider before buying a fite tire electric bicycle. Fat tire electric bicycles are faced with various complex terrains, so good after-sales service is required. If you need to replace accessories (such as front fork , fender, displayer, etc.), then a good after-sales service during the warranty period will give you a better riding experience.

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