15 Best Easter Activities That Are Fun for the Entire Family

MAR 7, 2024


If you are wondering when Easter is, here’s the good news: Easter is around the corner. We know you can't stop daydreaming about the beautiful and colorful flowers with stunning butterflies flying around them, the longer daylight hours so children can play out, and adults can have tea parties in their mini gardens. Doesn’t this scene seem like a perfect fairytale? It surely does.

Easter egg

With this constant thought, you look forward to spending quality time with your family, friends, and colleagues to make some delightful, long-lasting memories. We are sure you have several unique ideas about this festival as you do not want to miss out on this joyous event.

To have an egg-stra special Easter 2024, you can introduce some eggcellent fun-loving activities to make this day more memorable. You can make easter cookies and gift others as a token of love. You can go to church with your family or simply search the internet for “Easter egg hunt near me” and participate in the hunting activities. You can also create attractive Easter cards, plant beautiful flowers with your friends, or more, and have some cute moments together.

If you are wondering which activities will make the day egg-citing, don’t worry—we have you covered! Here are some of the best Easter activities that are fun for the entire family.

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1. Decorate Easter Eggs

It's time to decorate your Easter eggs with pretty colors. You can decorate your dyed eggs with paints, threads, beads, or even sequins to enhance their beauty. You can look for a pretty painting or Easter egg decorating kit near you or simply come up with ideas to decorate eye-catching eggs.

Decorate Easter Eggs

Older kids in your family will likely decorate the Easter eggs independently, while younger children may need your help. That's okay as it will create a healthy bond between your loved ones so you can have pleasant times with your favorite people. Make sure to have this fun-filled activity with various people to see unique artistic strokes from multiple people. You can put it on display in a glass box outside your house to have many visitors too. We are sure your Easter egg collection will be to dye for!

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2. Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

Are your ears craving for children's giggles and laughter?
If yes, the Easter egg hunt is something you can not miss. It is one of the best indoor activities you can play with your people. If you want to do something outdoors in your yard or neighborhood, the Easter egg hunt is always on top of the list of the most played outdoor Easter games no matter how many generations have passed.
Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

If you are willing to throw a colorful Easter brunch for your family members or you have your friends over, you can easily decorate your backyard and hide dyed Easter eggs for them to find. This family-friendly activity is encouraged by everyone no matter to which generation they belong. Don't forget to design your Easter baskets for your pals to collect the vibrant eggs in.
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3. Decorate Easter Baskets

One activity to bind you with your friends is having an Easter basket decoration at your place. This activity will let your creative soul out, and you can enjoy every moment spent decorating Easter baskets with your pals.
Decorate Easter Baskets

To turn your time into special moments, you can look for DIY ideas to gift decorative Easter baskets to your family and friends on Easter morning. There's no need to stress yourself out as you aren't a professional crafter; at least you have the guts to think about the best Easter activities, which must be enough. Just search on the internet how to decorate an Easter basket, and you're good to go. You can decorate woven baskets with colorful embroidered bunnies or add pom-poms to your paper bags; your little effort will pour love and excitement into these Easter baskets.

4. Plant Flowers

A floral smell in your backyard will add more charm to the Easter festival. The earth laughs in flowers. So, you can show your family members or friends how beautifully you have managed to look after your garden.

Plant Flowers

The best you can do is give flower containers to your friends and ask them to plant them with you to make your yard more beautiful and prepare them for the upcoming Easter. You need to note instructions on how to handle flowers for your friends on a board so first-timers can easily follow these instructions and plant the flower you gave them.

You can also take pictures during this activity to keep them as a golden memory in your camera and revisit them whenever you get lost in the remembrance route!

5. Host a Sack Race

It's Easter 2024 - we are sure you want to add many activities to your bucket list that keeps you scrolling. When it comes to kids, you can't see them dull and lazy, and that too on a special event. Try getting your hands on potato sacks to bring smiles to these bright faces.

You can host a sack race for your family, siblings, friends, or even children of the neighborhood and see them hopping across the finish line. You'll experience a thrilling, fun experience where participants laugh their hearts out.

Host a Sack Race

A sack race is simple to be played. The first team or an individual racer who reaches the finish line wins the race. To make it more interesting, you can add some hurdles in the path or ask the team to return from where they initially started.

6. Make Easter Cookies

Do you love baking? And your little one loves to poke you during your baking hours? Well, why not make a smart move and make easter cookies? From baking to decorating, do it from scratch with your children and enjoy every second of togetherness.

Make Easter Cookies

You can invest in some good-quality, children-friendly cutters. You can get cutters in the shape of eggs, flowers, rabbits, or carrots. Prepare colorful icing and decorate the cookies with your little champs. You can also add colorful sprinkles to your cookies to give them a vibrant vibe!

7. Go to Church

Going to church significantly impacts your life and especially your perspective as you get a more comprehensive view of life. You can also become part of a big and strong community that's always there for each other whenever needed! If you aren't arranging any events or activities at your home this Easter, attending church will be your best decision!

8. Go Hiking

So, do you need to eggs-ercise off all the chocolates, juices, and chips you had while preparing for the festival and gain a significant weight? That's totally okay. You can always plan for a pleasant hike with your friends.

The best you can do is prepare invitations and send them to your friends who are interested in hiking. Search for a perfect trail beforehand, make sure to keep everything important, and you will be good to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful natural beauty!

9. Go Bike Riding

If you are an explorer and want to see beautiful scenery, absorb the cool breeze, or explore nature, you can consider going for a bike ride.

Eater Day Acitivity  Riding

The best part is that you can even go fishing and get assistance from your Ebikes; it can be done quickly by getting your hands on the excellent e-bikes from Nakto Bikes. They offer you and your friends a fantastic variety of bikes to make this Easter day special.

You can also add e-bike racing to your activity list and have fun with your best pals. You can also get various styles and models of e-bikes; apart from that, Nakto Bikes also sells accessories and different parts of bikes to be used whenever needed. If you are home alone abroad, as a Nakto biker, you can contact the community to enjoy clubbing with other riders!

10. Craft Easter Decorations

Are you a DIY fan? Well, here's something you would love to know. You can craft easter decorations for your Easter festival to make things look prettier. People love and appreciate DIYs, so if you want to get appreciation and see your craft becoming a center of attraction, this is your chance to shine! You can make hanging Eastern decors, or you can even craft goodie bags for your guests. It depends on what you would like to pick and work on as a project!

11. Make Homemade Easter Cards

Getting hand-written notes and hand-crafted cards means a lot to many people. These personalized gestures leave a sense of being loved and valued. So, if you want to share the warmth of your love with someone this Easter, handcrafted cards like a cute little egg with googly eyes or a handpainted bunny are precisely what you're working on next!

You can also include your little champs in this crafting activity or ask your friends to join you and make some unforgettable memories.

12. Have an Egg and Spoon Race

One of the fun-filled activities you can play with your children or adults in the family is the egg spoon race. You can play it with a few modifications by using a bigger spoon to hold the egg and running towards the end line. The best part of playing this game is that it will improve your balance and enhance your focus - so it is definitely a win-win for everyone.

13. Easter Sponge Painting

One of the most beautiful ways to weave long-lasting memories is by using sponges to paint Easter beauties. You can cut various shapes on sponges like a cute bunny, carrot, or egg and dip them in various vibrant colors to paint cards, walls, or even faces to enjoy Easter at the fullest!

14. Child-Friendly Easter Table

As a parent or guardian, you want to see your children enjoying the Easter festival. For that, you can set up a unique table for them - a rabbit-themed table or decorate it with beautiful printable eggs to grasp their attention.

You can put all the children-friendly supplies on the table and let your children enjoy the moment of their lives! Let them do whatever they want to using these supplies. You can add paper plates, fancy pieces that can be applied to crafts, etc.

15. Printable Easter Coloring Page

You can look for beautiful printable coloring pages for your children available online or on Amazon. There is a wide range of Easter printables available for adults as well.

Printable Easter Coloring Page

Coloring pages help people relax their minds and have a soothing impact on their souls. They get to think about different matters they couldn’t sit and think of comfortably. So, if you are considering getting printable Easter coloring pages for yourself, your friends, or your family members - you have made the best decision!


People have become occupied with their busy schedules. It gets difficult for them to take time while juggling many tasks like working, studying, and so on. The best you can do is arrange fun Easter activities for your buddies or family members, send them invitations for the big day, and there you go.

They’ll gather to make some of the most memorable moments together, and all the credit goes to you for picking some fantastic Easter activities for them! In this blog, we have penned down 15 Easter activities from which you can select the best one according to your preferences!

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