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There is never a better way to be out and about than on an e-bike. Whether you are getting fresh air, doing some exercise, or going to pick up a few things at the store, we have the perfect bike to fit you and where you ride. 

"value priced fat-tire e-bike"


"hyper-focused on making affordable e-bikes"


"really enjoyed riding this bike around town"


"the real feeling of riding"


"The breaks are actually pretty good 

that you can stop on the dime."


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more than 10 bike shops offering repairs near you.

Bike Repair & Maintenance

We want to provide excellent service to you. We have a warehouse in Placentia, CA and 10 local bike shops for free tune-ups and repairs, and our network of cooperating bike shops i

Online Support

Our e-bikes are tested and arrive 90% assembled, so only a few steps to go when it arrives at your door. Then you'll be ready to ride. If you have any questions or need replacement parts, we are standing by to assist you. 

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